Fitness. Fatloss. Results.

FitForce Training

Want to lose weight, strengthen you body, have more energy, wear smaller clothes?  What about getting faster, stonger  or have more endurance?  Need to improve your health by lowering blood pressure, reducing body fat, lowering cholesterol levels?

Are you sick of diets, programs, pills, potions and gadgets that promise you the world, but they don’t work?

FitterFaster FitForce and the FitterFaster Lifestyle can give you all this and more.  This really works.

It’s not your average group exercise class-you will work hard and sweat and puff more than you have in a long time or possibly ever have.  This is GROUP PERSONAL TRAINING

This is real training.

This is why you WILL see results-GUARANTEED!!

If you’re not sure about making a long term comittment yet, our new 21 day Trial Membership Package lets you sample FitForce with unlimited attendances for 3 weeks as well an assessment and a PeakFit Personal Training or Box Out training session and nutrition guidelines to ensure you see results in just 21 days.

You’re guaranteed to see results within the 3 week period or I will refund double your money.

At the end of the trial, you’re under no obligation to continue, but I’m sure you’ll see the benefits and want to continue to achieve your own goals and results.  To be able to continue, you need to show us during the trial period that you are committed to making changes to your lifestyle.  That you take your health and fitness seriously.  FitterFaster is not suited to everyone and we only take on those willing to put in 100% and who are serious about doing so.

All full packages also include a full nutrition plan.  This nutrition plan is tailored to your individual likes, dislikes and preferences.   It will be changed as required depending on what results you are achieving and how you are going with the program you are currently on.  From set menus, to plans with choices.  Incorporating treat meals or not, the plan will be tailored to you and how quickly you want to see results.

For more details about the trial or any other package, go to or email me at

FitForce Training is held at 9 different time slots each week.  Times are:

Monday 5.45am

Monday 9.30am

Tuesday 6pm

Wednesday 5.45am

Thursday 5.45am- FitForce Elite -approval to attend must be obtained-exclusively for our most committed, consistent and fittest members

Thursday 6pm

Friday 5.45am

Friday 9.30am

Saturday 7.30am

All sessions are 60 minutes long and you can attend whichever ones suit your schedule.  Just remember that a minimum of 3 attendances per week are required.

Each training session is a mixed combination of different athletic drills and exercises using equipment such as tyres, kettlebells, medicine balls, bands and most importantly your own bodyweight.

Each session is divided into several different sets where we work on one or more movements/drills at a time before changing exercises and blasting you to new fitness levels.

Each drill and exercise is modified to each individual participant’s current fitness level.  Some sets are timed and others require a certain number of repetitions to be performed before changing.

Most injuries and weaknesses can be accomodated, participants often finding that exercises and movements that they had to avoid in the beginning can soon be accomplished with progressive strength improvements.  Even if you’re injured, you can still join in with us using modified or altered drills to accommodate YOUR injury.

You will quickly notice improvements in endurance, strength, flexibility and energy levels.  Within in just weeks you will see a difference.

Whether you are a seasoned exerciser, occasional sports player or haven’t done anything for years, FitForce is for you.  If you want to get into the best shape of your life and improve your health, come along and try FitForce out for yourself.

You can also find heaps of fantastic and free nutrition advice and more about FitForce and training at home at

Details about training packages, Fitness Training etc can also be found on the website too.

Contact me at :


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