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Box Out at FitterFaster

Box Out is FitterFaster’s answer to boxing for fitness.  Unlike many group boxing sessions, you will not be spending time holding focus mitts for you partner, but will be participating fully in every drill and exercise throughout the entire session.  These sessions are for the beginner or the advanced trainee.  Drills and rounds will be modified to suit YOUR fitness level and abilities.

A Box Out session runs for 45 minutes.  It consists of boxing drills and other high intensity drills to ensure you get the most out of each session.  You’ll begin with a quick warm up and then proceed into the first Boxing round.  Rounds continue for 3-6 minutes and are a mix of heavy bag, focus pad and bodyweight drills.

The main focus of a Box Out session is a high intensity cardio workout.  Sessions can cater for many injuries or other conditions that may have prevented you from participating in such a  high intensity workout in the past.

Places are very limited due to the popularity of these sessions.  Packages from 8-100 sessions are available. Further details can be found at

Contact me today to book your place in Box Out.

Current times are:

5.30pm Mondays

5.30pm Wednesdays

6.15pm Wednesdays

5.30pm Fridays

8am Sundays



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