Fitness. Fatloss. Results.

PeakFit Personal Coaching at FitterFaster

Each 60 minute PeakFit Private Coaching session consists of a warm up and then moves on to specific drills and exercises that are going to get you the results that YOU are after.

I’m offer PeakFit coaching in groups of up to 5 participants.  Working with 2-5 trainees together enables me to get a lot more out of each session in regards to your performance.  This includes if you’re just starting out or if you’re a seasoned fitness fanatic.  PeakFit can be a great way to start your fitness regime without the pressure of the larger FitForce group as well if you’re a little nervous.

Options include:

  • fat loss
  • improved sports performance through either general strength/endurance improvement or specific drills to alleviate or overcome specific issues or weaknesses
  • rehabilitation
  • pre and post pregnancy training
  • general fitness, mobility and health improvements
  • focus on nutrition as well as the physical aspect of training
  • beginner level training to build initial fitness improvements for those who are just starting out
  • challenging training for higher fitness level participants who want to push to the next level
  • strength development

There are various packages available for Coaching at FitterFaster.  All packages must be paid for up front, but there are various levels of commitment.  All clients must attend FitterFaster a minimum of 3 times per week, but this can be made up of PeakFit pr FitForce training sessions or Box Out sessions as well.

At this stage, there are openings in the following time slots only for PeakFit Training.  But if these times don’t suit you, please contact me and I will work out times that suit you.

  • Tuesday 5.45am
  • Tuesday 9.30am
  • Tuesday 10.30am
  • Tuesday 2pm
  • Thursday 5.45am
  • Thursday 9.30am
  • Thursday 10.30am
  • Thursday 2pm
  • Saturday 5.45am

Please note that these sessions fill quickly, and you may have to put your name down early to get a place in a future session.  Contact me for more details at any time and to check availability.

If you’re not sure, but would like to give PeakFit a go, try our new 21 Days for $21 Trial Package which will give you a PeakFit Coaching or Box Out session, unlimited FitForce attendance and an assessment before you start. Total Cost is just $21 fully refundable if you don’t see results within the 3 weeks.  For more details about this, visit or contact me at




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