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Which diet is best for me?

UnknownThere are so many different diet plans and programs around and its soooooo confusing.  Counting calories, counting or cutting out carbs, counting protein grams or skipping fat.  What’s the deal?

Most of the programs will work in the short term simply because they either cut calories (even if you’re not counting them) or they cause you to improve what you’re eating overall.

Most plans however, are too confusing and you’ll either be starving and won’t be able to continue, or you’ll simple get too confused, get sick of counting, measuring and calculating.  I’m tipping you’ve experienced both of these scenarios at some time, possibly both at the same time.

The thing about counting calories, points or macros (that is protein, carbs and fat grams) is that these types of programs, apart from being tedious to calculate, will allow you to eat whatever you want as long as you hit your ‘numbers’ target.  I am absolutely against that idea and know that by changing ‘what’ you eat, you can get much better results, be less confused and be healthier at the same right

Counting calories, carbs, proteins, points or fat grams may be your cup of tea.  I think it is time consuming and confusing.  If you’re one of the many people who border on being obsessed with foods, dieting and weight loss, they’re  disaster waiting to happen.

The way to look at food is:

  • Does it provide nutrients my body needs in amounts it needs them?
  • Does it satisfy me?
  • Does it contribute to my health, not just my calorie count?
  • Will it get me closer to my goals?

Making nutrition programs as simple as possible to follow while still getting your results without hunger and without mind numbing calculations is my job.  The easier I can make this for my clients, the more likely they are to follow it and see results.

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