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Getting it Perfect for Perfect Results

I have lots and lots of posts that tell you how to go about changing your body composition. There’s what to eat, how to train, when to train, supplements, foods to avoid, lifestyle habits that make a difference (or don’t) and the list goes on.  Sometimes it can seem so damn complicated.  There’s always the common theme in everything FitterFaster: get rid of processed foods, train more often, train harder and recover well, to name a few.

good best better

To ensure a program works, you need to work around the non-negotiable things in YOUR life that you are unwilling to change.  Knowing of course, that the more things you change in my programs, the further away from the original program you get.  Now that’s perfectly okay. If its okay with  you, its more than okay with me.  But for everything you add in or leave out, you have to expect an alteration also in the results you’re going to achieve.

You may have some non-negotiables such as “I always eattea with my family”.  That’s great, and in fact something I do myself as often as I can.  A decision has to be made though. Will I eat rubbish with my family and undermine my hard work, OR will I cook healthy food that is as good for my family as it is for me?  Will I still choose to keep portion size under control?  Will I skip dessert?  

You may be unable to attend training at certain times because you don’t believe in getting baby sitters or child minders any more than you have too.  Again, that is perfectly fine.  But………that shouldn’t stop you from being active. From physical outdoor activities with your kids, to doing Home Workouts (kids love to join in-and should.  They need just as much if not more physical activity than you do).  You can slip in a workout while your babies sleep, or get young children to count for you or join you.  Relax and make it fun, attending formal training as often as YOU can to keep up the motivation and to have some social interaction with like minded adults with like minded goals.

These are just a couple of examples of lifestyle constraints that can be worked around and should never be excuses.  (I have 100s more)  You don’t have to be ‘perfect’ though.

But stop wasting energy on things that you know don’t work.  Stop trying to take the easy way out and instead,  get stuck into proven methods that are guaranteed to work.  I’m so confident about FitterFaster programs, that I offer a 200% money back guarantee if it doesn’t work for you.

You need to stop thinking that its going to be easy just because every marketing company says so.  “Just minutes per day, no effort, eat all your favourite foods, no sweat, etc”.  They’re all false promises that end up leaving you disillusioned.

The journey can be hard.  The journey can be tedious.  You’ll have days or even weeks where you wonder if its worth it, but embrace what’s happening in your body and you’ll know it is.  If you go in knowing that it will be hardhat times, you’ll be more likely to keep it up and persevere rather than give up at the slightest hurdle.

All the little questions I get asked on a daily basis; “can I have this instead of that?” “I changed this, is that okay?” “I really like _____ for breakfast, but you recommend ______”  “I heard that______” are usually small things that will make a big difference every time you do them.

Even though it may seem like a small change, people that make small changes, usually make many of them and together, all those small things will totally change the way a synchronised program works.



But the further you get from the ideal, the slower your results will be.  You may be okay with that-I am if you are! As long as you know that.  Perfect isn’t always perfect for everyone.  Your perfect may be different, as will your results be.

When you see someone achieving great results, don’t compare yourself, you may be not following the program as well as them. Be honest with yourself.  Likewise, if you see someone who you think should be seeing better results, don’t judge them.  They may be happy with slower results because ‘their perfect’ is not yours.  Everyone has their own level of willingness to compromise and their own ‘non-negotiables’

I can help you to be as ‘perfect’ as you want to be.  I can help you to achieve your goals, with your lifestyle, your likes and dislikes and with your level of commitment. Fill out your details below to find out more



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