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Lower your body fat

Here’s some quick tips to keep fat loss coming:

  • Keep a food journal-yes again!  Be honest when recording every single thing you eat or drink.  Record it all and hand it in to me for checking.  If i’m not your coach, email it to me and i’ll  take a look and give you some feedback
  • Cut out all milk including non-dairy milks
  • Cut out grain foods-yes, bread, pasta, wraps, most baked goods, bars, crackers, biscuits etc
  • Eliminate artificial sweeteners.  They slow down fat loss and mess with your hormones.
  • Eliminate alcohol and other drinks that contain calories.
  • Get organised. Go to the supermarket and make sure you have the foods you need at all times.
  • Be prepared.  If you’re going out or are at work, pack your meals and snacks.  NEVER rely on what you’ll be able to ‘get while your’e there’
  • Look after your recovery.  Make sure you’re getting enough sleep. Don’t neglect this.  Even mild lack of sleep contributes to fat gain.
  • Get support.  From a  coach (me??) from friend, family etc.  Surround yourself by people who support you, not sabotage you.
  • STOP MAKING EXCUSES.  Start changing your habits today.  Anyone can think of a million reasons why they are overweight and/or unhealthy.  Get rid of excuses and do something about it.

DONT FORGET THAT FITTERFASTER WILL NOT BE TAKING NEW CLIENTS FOR THE FIRST 2 WEEKS OF JANUARY 2014.  If you really want to change, start TODAY by contacting me now.Image


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