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Maintaining Results-practical steps

So you’ve just completed an intense program and lost lots of body fat, reduced your measurements, reached new levels of fitness and finally dropped your body fat percentage.  What now??

Many, many people simply go back to doing what they were doing before, and bammo, on goes that weight again, simply because that’s exactly how you put it on in the first place.

Others try to ‘be good.’  They pretty much keep on doing the right thing.  They eat a good breakfast, take lunch and snacks to work and plan their evening meals ahead.

But then life starts to get in the way.  They buy the odd take away lunch (its all take away guys if you didn’t make it yourself), its someone’s birthday, so they eat a slice of cake (or two) at morning tea. “I deserve it, I’ve been training hard.  Its a special occasion”  And on it goes…….

A latte here, a biscuit there, take away on the weekends, a late night and the skipping of a training session.  Pretty soon, you’ve slipped back into bad habits, maybe not all the time, but often enough to start putting that weight back on and your hard earned results start to fade away.

You tell yourself you’ll start training at home, or that you’ll get back on track Monday.  We all know where this leads-right back to Fat-Gain City.

So what can you do about it?

  • Keep training.  Study after study shows that people who successfully maintain weight loss, keep up their training schedule. You’ll need to schedule your training sessions in and keep the appointment you’ve made with yourself.  Don’t let things keep you from this important part of your week.   Studies also show that 45-60 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity is required on most days to prevent weight regain!!  Teach your family that its important for your own health that you take some time just for you.  Or, get them involved with you if possible.  All kids aged 10 and over can participate in FitForce training at FitterFaster at no cost.  We have quite a few teenagers on the ‘books’ now and they really enjoy the training.  For them its also about keeping active, but if they do play sport (any sport) FitForce will set them up for better performances in their chosen activity.  I also have very affordable student packages for those aged 16 and over.   More frequent and intense training seems to be the key and that’s why I only charge for a maximum of 3 trainings sessions per client per week-I want you to  be able to do enough to achieve and maintain your goals.
  • Don’t let the easy stuff creep back in! Things like measuring portions, omitting milk and sugar from tea and coffee and keeping up with your supplements are things that you just shouldn’t stop doing.  They’re easy and every little thing counts.
  • Save alcohol for one day per week maximum.  On days you plan to indulge, make sure your nutrition is perfect!  Lots and lots of water, vegetables and your protein portions should make up your meals and snacks for the day.  When you consume alcohol, your body pretty much switches off all other macronutrient digestion as it ‘deals with’ the alcohol that is poisoning your body.  Letting alcohol creep back into your routine is a sure fire way to instant weight regain.
  • Keep up with your food journal.  If you have to write it down, you will at least rethink what you’re about consume.  Looking back over a food journal each day or each week will point out just how many times you are going off track.   Quite simply, we often have a bit of this and that and totally forget about it next time we decide to have something off track.  Looking back over your journal is a real eye opener and can really help you to stay on track.  Its vital that you have your notebook or paper with you at all times and record as you consume.  Don’t try to fill it in later as the journal will lose most of its effectiveness this way.  As a client of FitterFaster, submit your food journal to me as often as you like for checking and to hold yourself accountable.  ALL CLIENTS SHOULD SUBMIT A FOOD JOURNAL REGULARLY
  • Give yourself one treat meal per week-if you have been eating properly throughout the week only.  If you’re having treats during the week, you’ll have to skip your treat meal.  Remember, every single thing you put into your body is more than just calories.  Your hormones are affected with even just a sip of water, so stop justifying your food choices with the number of calories you burnt at your workout today. If it was that simple, losing excess body fat would be easy.
  • Keep drinking 2 plus litres of water per day.  Health benefits are numerous, but drinking enough water will also reduce cravings, keep you fuller and enable your body to process everything you eat properly, as well as burn off excess fat.
  • Do a weekly weigh in and keep on top of changes.  There’s no reason why you cannot continue to lose more body fat once an intense program is over.  With an ongoing plan, organisation and dedication, you can get to your ideal weight.  I can help you with an ongoing nutrition and training program to prevent weight regain and/or continue fat loss.
  • Reassess your nutrition and training program regularly.  My job as your coach is to help you work out a plan you can stick with that will produce results.  It may take a compromise from you, if you want to achieve certain outcomes more quickly and it may also take a compromise from me if you’re happy to achieve a slower result. Any plan needs to work for you, in your situation, in your life and for you!

Have you lost body fat and want to keep it off?

Have you already regained some and want to halt the backward slide?

Are you ready to just lose the excess body fat in the first place and keep it off?



Did you know its less than 79 days till the end of the year?  Don’t get to January 1st and decide the time is right.  Do it now and you can be 79 days ahead of those New Years Resolutions

Any questions, contact me at  I’m only too happy to answer your questions, client or not.  Email me today or contact me on Facebook



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