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You won’t lose weight with all those healthy foods

Wow!  A plethora of new ‘healthy’ foods are upon us.  Chia seeds, hemp seeds flaxseed, almond and other nut butters, seed mixes and more.

Really?? Do you think these are going to promote fat loss??????

Really?? Do you think these are going to promote fat loss??????

Many of my clients add these to their meal plans because they’re ‘healthy’ and ‘they’re better than a chocolate bar’.

True, they do have health benefits, but guys, they will still make you fat or stop you from losing body fat!!!!

It’s like there has been a huge backflip on the low-fat, no-fat mantra.  And now everyone thinks they can eat ‘healthy’ fats willy nilly till the cows come home.  Well people, doing that WILL ADD FAT TO YOUR BODY if its not carefully measured and factored in to your overall nutrition plan.

If I”ve written you up a meal plan, its carefully calculated to provide the right amount of energy (calories) throughout the week to enable you to reach your goals.  Whether you’re trying to lose bodyfat, gain lean weight or maintain.  If you go around adding ‘a tsp or 4’ of this and that ‘because you were hungry’ you’ll muck up the balance and effect your results.

Healthy, but still need strict control of portion sizing.  These have enormous amounts of energy

Healthy, but still need strict control of portion sizing. These have enormous amounts of energy


If you’re trying to lose bodyfat, there are a few ways to do it.

One is to be moderate in your approach.  Eat healthy foods with not too much of a gap between maintenance and fat loss.  You’ll slowly but steadily lose body fat if you stick with it and train properly.

Another approach is to get more aggressive.  Limit certain foods, cut back a bit more and add more training (this all must be carefully controlled and cycled for long term results).  You may even add some fasting and cycle your calories, protein, carbs and fats a bit more.  This is the route to take if you’re almost at your goal, to get off a plateau or just to get to your goals faster.

There is no right or wrong way.  Its up to you-how much effort do you want to put in?  How committed are you going to be? How quickly do you want to see results?  What stage of your fitness/fatloss journey are you at?

Either way, if you mess with the plan, even with those ‘healthy’ foods, you will not see the results you’re after.  At best, ongoing results will stop, at worse, you’ll go backwards and gain weight again.

Sometimes in order to reach your goals, you just have to suck it up and be a little hungry-IT WON’T KILL YOU!!  You may just have to go to bed ‘feeling like a little bit of something’.  You may just have to eat a little less-duh!! You most likely cannot substitute this for that (although sometimes you can).  You just may have to get over yourself and make the right choices.  Dedication is when you do what it takes even when you don’t feel like it.

When you don’t like what you’re doing or supposed to do, its your choice to add or take things away.  Just remember, that the results will not be the same.  Add things and it just won’t work, take things away and even though you may feel better tomorrow about how ‘good’ you were, long term, you wont get good results either.

healthy fudge

You can’t seriously think this is good for fat loss??

So make a choice.  If you want a certain outcome, you’re going to have to do what it takes to get it.  Just because so and so down the road did X and it worked for him/her, doesn’t mean its the best choice for you.

My nutrition plans get results.  I’m living testimony to this.  I test everything myself first before making recommendations.  I also ‘test’ on clients, with their permission of course to see how different theories and ideas work for different people.  Every single plan is tweaked and changed if needed as we go along.

Every client has access to a personalised nutrition plan.  Some choose not to take up the option and are happy with the results they achieve by following basic, healthy nutrition guidelines and training hard.

Others are ready to take on the full challenge of a complete nutrition plan and see better results for it.  I write up new programs every week which take into account individual goals, individual levels of fitness and commitment, individual likes and dislikes, allergies, sensitivities and how quickly they want it all to come together.

Contact me today to get your individual nutrition plan. ALL PLANS can fit in with cooking for a family.  Afterall, kids and partners are human too and need the same healthy foods to be healthy and maintain or gain lean, fit bodies too.

New online fitness and nutrition coaching coming soon too.



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