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FitterFaster may not be for you!

So many great choices for health and fitness.  On a global scale, there are millions of websites, Facebook pages, recipe sites and businesses that can offer you services and products to improve your health and fitness and to lose body fat.


On a local scale, there are also many choices, from diet programs offered by local groups or in small support groups, to the local gyms and fitness centres and more.  What a wonderful thing for anyone trying to improve their physical selves in terms of health, body composition, fitness and self image.


With all these options, it can be a hard decision about which one to try.  Of course, I’m hoping that you’ll try FitterFaster and that when you do, you’ll love the results, you’ll love the people and you’ll love the programs.


I could write a big long list of why I think my programs are better, about why  you should come here instead of there.  But I’m not going to.  Instead, I’m going to write a list of who shouldn’t come here instead.


I’m not interested in having large numbers or running the biggest or busiest training sessions. That’s not what I’m about.  What I’m about, is getting the best results for my clients, whether there are 10 or 100 of them.  I’ve been surprised how numbers have continued to grow despite the other offerings in the town in recent months.  Surprised and pleased despite numbers not being my priority.


Please don’t turn this around to me ‘bagging’ any other facility or trainers.  I’m certain that all of our local facilities are doing a great job.  From the results that people are achieving everywhere, that is evident.  Its not in my interest to try to turn you off the many and varied options you have available to you.  What is in my interest is to tell you what you can expect if you come to FitterFaster.


So who are the FitterFaster programs NOT for?


  • Firstly, you must be willing to make a commitment to train here.  Packages are not ‘pay as you go’.  You must make a financial investment up front.  Why?  For no other reason than making that commitment up front means you’re much more likely to continue with your program.  Packages can vary from 10-30 weeks long depending on what your goals are, your financial situation and how quickly you want to see results.


  • So if you’re not willing to make an investment in your health and fitness up front, this may not be a good option for you.  (some payment plans available which can be discussed on an individual basis)


  • Secondly, you must be willing to put in a reasonable amount of time and effort into training.  What’s reasonable?  A minimum of 3 training sessions per week is required by all clients.  Exceptions will be discussed on an individual basis, but the general rule is: A minimum of 3 training sessions per week.


  • Not ready to train 3 times per week?  Again, FitterFaster may not be your best option.  If you think that everything else about FitterFaster is a good fit for you, but you’re worried about not being able to do 3 sessions each week, contact me to discuss this.


  • Thirdly, you must be willing to change your nutrition.  Unless you’re already in the low 20s for females and under 20 for males when measured for body fat levels, you are not eating properly.  Other things that indicate a less than great diet are: high cholesterol, high blood pressure, fatigue, low energy levels, poor sleep quality, mood and energy swings, poor skin, cravings and many others.  To be offered a full membership at FitterFaster, you must demonstrate that you will make efforts to improve your nutrition on a daily, weekly and long term basis.


  • Don’t want to think about changing what you eat?  Think again then.  While you don’t need to be perfect with nutrition, you do need to make an effort to be better.


  • Lastly, you must remain accountable.  I follow up all clients on a regular basis in regards to attendance at training, their nutrition and other recovery habits.  I’ll ask you for regular food journals and encourage you to have regular fitness tests to ensure progress.  I’ll even suggest extra Home Workouts (which I provide weekly) if I think that another training session is warranted in your program, but you are unable to attend another session with us at FitterFaster.


  • If you’re not willing to do these little extras, perhaps FitterFaster is not for you.  Something as simple as completing a food journal can turn things around for you, but if its too much effort………


So as you can see, not everyone is suited to the FitterFaster programs.  Only those who want exceptional results and who are willing to put in the effort required to achieve them will be taken on as full members.  As I mentioned above, I’m not interested in becoming the biggest facility or having the most clients.  I want clients who want help and who are willing to put in some effort and forget their excuses.


The FitterFaster 21 days for $21 program is your chance to test our programs and prove that you have what it takes.  You’ll see results in that 21 days; you’ll have more energy, you’ll be stronger and fitter, you’ll drop clothing sizes and you’ll just look and feel better.


Ask yourself- Am I sick of starting things and never following them through?  Am I sick of the way I feel and am I going to do something about it?  Am I willing to give this a real red-hot go?  Am I willing to stop making excuses for eating rubbish, being lazy and making poor lifestyle choices?  If the answers are yes, then its a good chance you’re a good fit for FitterFaster and its a good fit for you.


Contact me today to organise your 21 day trial.  What have you got to lose?

YOu can email me at or phone/text me on 0429 612975  Alternatively, contact me via Facebook on the FitterFaster page.


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