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No More Bootcamps

Over the past 5 years, FitterFaster has progressed in many ways.  From providing just a couple of workouts per week at various venues around town, to now having over 20 fitness sessions per week with 5 coaches on board.  All of our coaches inspire our clients by being fit, lean and healthy and lead by example both during and away from training.

We pride ourselves on providing the complete solution to getting a fit, lean and healthy body that performs to its maximum potential.  We provide effective, individualised training and nutrition programs as well as ongoing support and accountability.

So far our clients have lost over 1000kg and over 20000cm!

As a client, you will receive ongoing nutrition programs that change as required to reflect your current body composition, your individual goals, how quickly you want to achieve those goals as well as any motivation or compliance issues you may have.

You can be confident that we can provide a complete nutrition solution that will work for you, no matter your work hours, your likes and dislikes or how many diets or programs you’ve tried in the past.  You can also rest assured that the nutrition programs will work in with family as well, so that if you’re cooking for more than just yourself, you don’t need to cook separate meals for everyone.  We focus on real foods without the need for any special shakes, pills, bars or other expensive options.

While Bootcamp was the buzz in the early days of FitterFaster, we’ve now evolved to provide a personal training experience in all of our sessions for each individual participant.

Every single person in every single training session is provided with a workout that challenges them at their individual fitness level.  Clients are able to target specific issues that they may have and also work around any injury or weakness.

Our focus is always on technique and movement quality first, then intensity is added on top of that.  A client should never be pushed harder with a movement they haven’t first mastered.  This is important not just to prevent injury, but to ensure that the each person is getting the most out of every rep and every drill set in terms of improved performance, body composition change (less body fat and/or more muscle) and better quality of life.

While there are many clients within training sessions that are training at an extremely high intensity, there are an equal number that are doing modified versions of drills and/or working at lower intensities to perfect form and technique.  This is why we do not need to have ‘beginner’ sessions as all of bootcampour training sessions cater for all fitness levels. Every client is working at their own fitness and strength level, while being challenged to improve all the time.  This is one reason we’ve decided to move away from the title ‘Bootcamp’ which conjures up visions of a ‘thrash and smash’ session with a screaming leader and too many pushups!

No matter what your current fitness level, you will be supported to improve by the coaches and by the other participants.  It can actually be very motivating to see other people improving too and as part of the FitterFaster team, everyone will encourage and inspire you to keep making improvements.

We’ve moved on from Bootcamp to better and more effective ways of training each individual person.

To this end, we are changing the names of all of our training sessions to more accurately reflect what happens in the sessions and the results you can expect to achieve from attending those sessions.

FitForce Training – High intensity Group Personal Training usually held outdoors.  Each session is designed to take you to your Next Level.  FitForce will improve your cardio vascular fitness, your strength and endurance and change your body shape. You’ll have lots of fun while training hard in the team environment.  Expect to lose body fat and improve sports performance while looking and feeling better.

FitForce Elite– Elite level high intensity group training for approved clients only. Focuses on going to that extra level with strength and cardiovascular fitness.

PeakFit Training – Personal Training sessions held indoors in small groups of 2-5.  Sessions focus on your goals incorporating drills that are targeted to your strengths and weaknesses.  You will improve your movement and function, change your body composition, get stronger and improve cardiovascular fitness.

Box Out – Cardio sessions that focus on Boxing for fitness.  A super high intensity 45 minute training session designed to improve cardiovascular fitness and burn lots of calories.

All training sessions incorporate a range of drills and exercises suited to the individual.  We use a variety of equipment, including dumb bells, kettle bells, medicine balls, tyres, barbells and our own bodyweight.  Every participant works at their own level and drills are modified or changed according to your own needs, strengths, weaknesses and goals.

As always, every client will be provided with ongoing support via 24 hour text, email or phone access.  I can be contacted personally any time if you have questions, need clarification or just some extra support.

I also follow up with clients individually if they miss training or have not been following the nutrition programs as set.  While its up to you to set your own goals and tell me what YOU want to achieve and when, I will develop a program you can live with and help you to stick with it while getting your results at a rate determined by YOU.

I also follow up with clients individually if they miss training or have not been following the nutrition programs as set.  While its up to you to set your own goals and tell me what YOU want to achieve and when, I will develop a program you can live with and help you to stick with it while getting your results at a rate determined by YOU.  

This is all about changing habits for a lifetime, helping you to feel good about yourself and improving health and fitness for you and your family forever.  Whether you’re looking at losing body fat, toning up, increasing fitness for a particular event or sport, improving energy levels, improving your health, building your strength or any other health/fitness goal, I can help you get there.

My number 1 mission in regards to FitterFaster is not improving my bottom line.  Its improving yours!!



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