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Why Hire a Coach or Trainer?

Whether you’re a total beginner and plan to start your first fitness program, or whether you’re already a seasoned athlete or already participate in any sort of fitness routine, there are many benefits to hiring a coach or trainer.

Many people are quick to assume that you only need a trainer when you first start out.  But this just isn’t the case.  Some of the benefits are listed below:

Proper Technique

A good coach will show you correct technique and insist on it for every single repetition of every single exercise.  Using fantastic technique will help to prevent injury and will also make sure that you are getting maximum benefit from the routine you are participating in.

The human body will ‘cheat’ its way through anything, including compensating for weak or tight muscles.  If your technique is not critiqued and adjusted constantly by your coach, you will develop imbalances that will eventually lead to pain and injury as well as miss out on developing the muscles that you are supposed to be targeting.

Program Design

If you’re getting your routine from a magazine or book, how can you be sure that the program is right for you or that you’ll achieve your desired results?  A coach will focus on drills and exercises that will bring you closer to your goals in every session, will give you extra workouts to do at home if necessary, will give you alternative drills if required for your injuries, weaknesses, imbalances or specific goals.  The coach should also tell you how often to train and make sure that you are also looking after your recovery.


Without great nutrition, you will not see great results.  I cannot say this enough.  Whether you’re trying to build muscle, lose body fat, increase performance or any other health or fitness related goal, you will not achieve it without good nutrition. A great coach will design a nutrition program that works for you and help you to stick with it.


This leads to my next point.  One of the most important aspects of good coaching is to provide accountability to the athletes and clients in our care.  Checking on attendance, monitoring nutrition, changing programs if necessary, backing off training or increasing it are all part of a coaches job.  If your coach isn’t making sure you’re doing everything possible to achieve your goals – who is??

Plateau Busting

One reason to hire a coach, especially if you’re already participating in sports or fitness, is to help you overcome plateaus.  Plateaus will and do happen to everyone and at some stage, you’re going to have to deal with it.

When you feel like you’re getting no where, its easy to drop off and give up.  I see this all too often.  How many times have you started a new plan?  Perhaps from a book, a magazine, something from the internet or purchased from a local store?  As soon as you stop seeing results (or even before then) you give up and start looking for the next program that will definitely work this time.

A coach can monitor you program and progress through regular body composition testing and through fitness tests and assessments and change your program as often as needed.  A good coach can look at every aspect of your program-training, recovery, nutrition, supplementation-and make appropriate changes and develop strategies to help you push past a plateau and get back on track with results.


A good coach can help to provide ongoing motivation by being a good example and by providing support through tough times.  When you just don’t feel like it or you’ve hit a plateau, a coach can help to keep you on track.  If you have a good coach and are surrounded by people all trying to achieve similar things, your a lot less likely to give up.

Advanced Training and other techniques

If you’re already fit and want to increase your results by adding more muscle, getting stronger, dropping to a lower body fat level or by improving your performance, a coach can help you to get to the next level with advanced training and nutrition techniques.  If you want to get faster, bigger, ripped or just plain super fit, a coach can take you to the next level.

Likewise, even though you may be a beginner now, when you reach your goals, I can practically guarantee that you will want to go further.  Feeling fit and healthy is addictive and a new coach can help you to set new goals and take you further than you ever thought possible.

FitterFaster Coaching

At FitterFaster, every client must set goals so that I can design a program that is going to get you there.  Regular feedback, assessments and testing are completed to ensure you’re on track.  At every training sessions, I’m assessing your movement technique and your progress by watching you closely.

Are you pushing hard enough?

Do you look tired?

Has your technique improved or not?

Is your body composition changing?

Are you faster, stronger, fitter?

Through our 21 day Trial Package, you can test out all of our programs and if you show commitment and a willingness to give it your all, you will be offered a full membership.

Beginner or not, an ongoing membership is no longer a given at FitterFaster.  Only potential clients who can demonstrate a desire to change and show me they can back that up with regular attendance, making changes to their nutrition, keep appointments, set goals and banish excuses will be accepted.


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