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Lead by example

So its been determined from my recent survey that from a coach, people basically want the following:

  • Someone who leads by example-who walks the walk, who can do everything they ask of their clients and more and actually does it!
  • Someone who can give clear strategies to make the program prescribed work in with your individual lives-kids, work, illness, shift work, time poor, unfit, unmotivated or whatever
  • Provide accountability so that you actually follow the program
  • Stay up to date with current health and fitness affairs and always be introducing new and more effective ways of getting better results
  • Provide further information about the ‘whys’ and the ‘hows’ rather than just instruct and give directions.

I am happy to say, that all respondents said I was doing all of the above, but I want to make a bigger impact. This is my initial plan of attack:

Firstly, I did an assessment on myself and took ‘before’ photos which I haven’t done for a long time. This has given me the motivation to set new goals and make sure I’m heading towards them at all times just like I expect you to.  You’re either moving forwards or backwards when it comes to achieving your goals.

Secondly, I have set myself a new study schedule and will be setting aside more time for study. As you know, I am ALWAYS taking part in a new course or workshop, but have now organised my time in a better way to be able to make the most of this and keep up to date with everything in the fitness industry.  I’ve also subscribed to some new journals to help with this.

Thirdly, I am setting up a massive accountability Mission where not only will you be accountable to me, but all of my clients will be accountable to each other. The Mission will involve all clients being placed into teams.  All actions that involve  you moving towards your goals will earn points towards your teams’ total.  Anything that detracts from you achieving your goals will results in penalties and points will be deducted.  Actions such as attendance, food diaries, taking part in Challenges, Levelling up with FitRanX, sharing recipes and other food ideas, completing Home Workouts and others will earn points.

At the completion of the challenge, the team with the most points will win and all members will receive a prize, as long as they’ve contributed a minimum number of points towards their teams’ total.

To add to the fun and camaraderie each team will also be challenging the other, with games and challenges set by me and also with ‘ambushes’ where team members will be setting up the challenges for each other.  Everything will still be scaled for Rookies and Commandoes so that Challenges and workouts are suitable for all participants.  These challenges will really push your fitness to new levels and will be lots of fun!

Right now I”m working on the logistics of starting this major operation.  Stay tuned for more details and to find out which Battalion you’ll be assigned to.


GL afters 028


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