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Its time to get serious

BootcampIf you really want to change your body and become fit, lean, confident and healthy, you have to decide why you want it AND exactly what you want.  You need to answer the following questions about yourself:

Are you really ready to change?

What do you really want?  To look better-how?  To feel better-how?  To fit into certain clothes-what size/which ones?  To be able to reach a performance target-say a 5km run or lift a certain weight or pass a certain test?  Do you want more energy, to sleep better?  What exactly do you want to achieve?

What has kept you from achieving in the past?

Why is now different?

What obstacles do you face and what are you going to do about them?

You need to know exactly where you’re going.  Your target needs to be measurable, otherwise, how will you know when you get there?

A certain clothing size, a certain distance, reaching a certain FitRanX level.  All these are measurable goals that you can work towards.

Coming into the colder months, it can be harder to stay on track, especially with fitness and with nutrition, both of which are essential to achieve your health and performance goals.  You need to have  a clearly defined target to keep aiming for, something that keeps you focused and on track.  A certain date or event is ideal.

Over the course of your journey to reach your goal/s you will come across many obstacles-everyone will.  Be it family commitments, work, study or illness.  Holidays, special occasions, lack of sleep.  All these things can easily pull you off track.  If you have a clearly defined goal to aim for though, its much easier to stay and/or get back on track.

So write down exactly what it is you want to achieve.  Be very clear about this.  And think outside the box.  ‘I want to lose weight’ is not a clearly defined goal.  ‘I want to lose 10kg within 4 months’ is however, clear and achievable.   You may decide to train for an upcoming funrun, triathlon or other event that is something you’ve never done before.  Performance goals like this can really help to keep you motivated while you lose body fat at the same time.  while some may aim to simply complete a certain distance, others may aim to improve on a previous time.

Write down what you’re willing to do to make your goal/s happen.  How much time will you put in?  Will you get up earlier to train and/or prepare food for the day?  Will you skip your daily coffee and cake?  Will you go to bed earlier? Will you need a coach?

Write down what you will not sacrifice?  For me, that’s time with my kids.  Although FitterFaster is something I love and enjoy, I will not sacrifice time with my family for it.  Work out what you can and will sacrifice and what you won’t.  This may mean you need to switch priorities.  If time with family or at work intrudes on your training time, maybe you can make up training time somewhere else??  Get up earlier, slip a quick session in while your kids are at their training events.  Maybe you can do stuff with your family to improve fitness.  I know my kids will often come running with me for instance.

Write down what it will feel like when you reach your goal/s.  What will it feel like to go over the finish line?  What will it feel like when you can wear those clothes?  What will your day be like if you have more energy?

Take a few minutes to record all of the above.  Clients, email it to me!  Lets work out a plan of attack together!

In the meantime, avoid these mistakes that believe it or not, clients still do:

  1. Starving yourself-you must eat enough.   Eat 5-6 meals per day which all include a source of protein, some fruit or vegetables (carbohydrates) and some healthy fats
  2. Avoiding Carbs-its not carbs you want to avoid.  It’s nutritionless (is that even a word??) foods that are high in energy and low in nutrients.  Most grain foods fall into this category.  You don’t want to avoid carbs-you just want to change the source of those carbs!
  3. Avoiding Fat-you should eat a healthy fat source in most meals and snacks.  Refer to your food charts for the best sources
  4. All or nothing attitude-we seem to think we are either on or off.  We may be going along really well and one day we eat something we shouldn’t have. All of a sudden we’ve wrecked everything, we’re hopeless, we’ve ruined it and we give up and eat the rest of the packet (and more). Stop beating yourself up.  If you slip up, just move on and get over it.  Get back on track or back on the bike as they say.  Slip ups will happen for the rest of your life.  Get over it!!!
  5. Not planning and preparing-be organised.  I can’t say much more about this.  The night before or first thing in the morning, work out the day’s food.  Prepare ‘left overs’ when cooking tea for lunches, cut up extra veggies, go to the supermarket each weekend and know what you need for the week ahead.  Have an insulated lunch box and freezer bricks ready to go.  TAKE FOOD WITH YOU when you go out.  Some fruit, some nuts, a protein shake or other protein (cottage cheese, left over cooked meats, tinned tuna etc), a container of salad or yoghurt etc are all easy to take with you. Pack a lunch for work.  Take your own food to meetings.
  6. Not following a sustainable plan-you cannot live on shakes, pills or really restrictive eating plans forever.  You need to be able to choose a variety of foods even while losing weight or you’ll just put it all back on when you finish your program.  Losing body fat, getting fitter etc all need to be done in a way that you can maintain.  If your plan has a ‘finish date’ what next?  Super strict plans have their place, but if you are not prepared for the long term, you will fail. At the same time, you need to realise that you have to make better food choices forever.  You simply can’t be eating rubbish on a regular basis if you want to be and look healthy and fit.

Clients, lets get a focus on for the cooler months.  think of something different that will get you  out the door.  Aim for something new and tell me about it.

Bookings being taken for our Level 1 FitRanX testing.  contact me today to book yours before places fill.  Strictly limited numbers due to nature of the tests.


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