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Rewards for Bringing A Friend

bring a friendDid you know that every Saturday Bootcamp is Bring A Friend Day?

Did you know that by bringing a new friend along, you get a $20 voucher towards your next package and that your friend get a voucher for 3 Free Bootcamps?

Didn’t know that?  Its part of our new Reward System for Referrals.   I”ve always thanked clients for bringing along family, friends, co-workers etc by discounting future packages or giving vouchers.  I appreciate it so much when you do so, that I’ve extended the rewards.  This is the new structure:

  1. Bring A Friend along to a Saturday Bootcamp and you both train for free.  You will also receive a $20 voucher and your friend receives a voucher for 3 free Bootcamps
  2. If your friend then decides to sign up via a Trial Package or any FitterFaster Training Package after they’ve had their 4 free sessions, you receive another $50 voucher.

I know a lot of you already bring friends along and I really, really appreciate it.  Word Of Mouth is the absolutely best form or advertising.  We all know that the recommendation from a friend or relative speaks much louder than anything else.

Thanks guys

See you at training



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