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Endomorphs – are you one?

There are 3 main body types:

  1. Mesomorph: naturally lean, muscular and strong
  2. Ectomorph: Naturally skinny (not necessarily lean), lower strength levels, lower levels of muscle
  3. Endomorph: Naturally higher levels of body fat, shorter arms and legs, sometimes larger frame (but not always)

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Before everyone tells me they’re an endomorph because they’re fat, please note that all of these body types can be overweight simply because of poor lifestyle and food choices.

Naturally skinny ectomorphs often have quite a high level of body fat, despite fitting into smaller clothing and have a hard time getting that healthy, lean look of a ‘fit’ body.

Likewise, mesomorphs, with their natural ability to gain lean, muscular weight more easily, can still be covered with a layer of body fat that makes them look even bigger than the rest of us with an apparent lack of muscle because its covered in fat and we cant see it.  Lots of weight training for a mesomorph is only effective in creating a lean, shapely body IF you couple it with correct nutrition-but more about that in a future post.

Today I want to discuss the ‘poor suffering’ Endomorph.


Most (and I use that word very cautiously) people that are working hard to lose body fat, or keep it off are probably endomorphs if they’re struggling despite their efforts.  Note I say, those that are WORKING HARD.  Just because you’re overweight, don’t blame your body type-its most likely your lifestyle.

Endomorphs have varying degrees of carbohydrate sensitivity and insulin resistance, so for most, a high carb, low fat diet will be detrimental to getting results.  The true endomorph must eat clean and healthy almost all of the time if they want to get lean and continue if they want to stay lean.  Endomorphs cannot ‘cheat’ regularly and get away with it.  Daily nutrition needs to be spot on for good results.  Diet alone will also not be effective for endomorphs.

Effective training methods are essential to boost metabolism and even with good nutrition and training, the endomorph may still struggle.  Great results can be achieved however with consistency and commitment.  Being accountable to someone, whether its a relative, friend or a coach is almost always vital for the endomorph.

The endomorph responds best to daily or almost daily training once a basic fitness level has been achieved.  This is more important than for any other body type.  They need to eat a diet that includes plenty of protein, a fair amount of healthy fat (4-5 serves per day) and a lower carb level.  The combination of great nutrition AND training is vital for success.  Dieting alone is an absolute disaster for endomorphs.  They will always gain back anything they lose and usually more to go with it.  Endomorphs need to use everything in their power to boost metabolism:-very frequent training sessions combining resistance and cardio training, moving more in general each day, eating properly and making a lifelong commitment to training and healthy eating.

Other habits that are vital are:

  • Avoiding over sleeping – you should avoid excess sleep and for best results, get up early!
  • Spend less time at sedentary activities such as reading, watching TV etc.  Obviously you can’t just give up your sedentary job, but you can avoid other ‘still’ activities
  • Train more often
  • Train harder
  • Restrict carbohydrates without removing them completely
  • Only ‘cheat’ once per week or less
  • Be consistent and persistent
  • Assume 100% responsibility for your own body-you can control what you eat, when you eat, what training you do, when you train, how long and how hard you train, how much you sleep and your attitude.

The truth is, if you’re overweight, it is most likely your own fault.  Take responsibility and remedy it starting today.


One response

  1. fitterfaster

    A lot of people think that they can’t get results because of their body type. In reality, they’re programs just aren’t effective, or they’re not following them properly.
    While nutrition is super important for all body types if you want fantastic results, its extra important for endomorphs to dial it in and resist cheating too often.

    January 8, 2013 at 5:48 pm

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