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New Year New You Transformation Challenge

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Make 2013 the year of the fittest, healthiest you.

Take part in the FitterFaster New Year, New You Transformation Challenge and you can make 2013 the year you finally achieve your health and fitness goals

Less body fat

More muscle



Defined abs

Less risk of disease and illness

More power

More stamina

You can achieve all of this by using targeted nutrition that is focused on YOUR goals, YOUR schedule, YOUR commitment level.

Combine it with targeted weekly training, ongoing physical challenges to test your improvement and mental toughness and most importantly, healthy lifestyle and recovery strategies to ensure you go the distance.

The New Year, New You Challenge is all about changing your life.  Changing your daily and weekly habits to make permanent changes to your physique, your mind and your life in general.

You will test yourself by:

taking on challenges each week,

by following a structured nutrition plan that changes as your other lifestyle habits (such as training) change

by committing to ongoing assessments

and by setting yourself a training schedule and sticking to it

You’ll do a mix of training sessions with me, here at FitterFaster and combine them with training sessions in your own time at home.  Not everyone has the time or budget to train multiple times per week with a Personal Trainer.

You’ll make use of FitterFaster Home Workouts from the FitterFaster Home Workout Manual, as well as Challenge and Test sessions both here at FitterFaster and at home.

I’m charging a $50 entry fee-all of which will be donated back to prizes for the winners of the challenge. I will also contribute towards other prizes such as vouchers at local suppliers and retailers.

Prizes will include biggest weight loss as a percentage of starting weight overall, biggest cm loss overall and there will also be other categories not related to fat or weight loss for those taking part for fitness improvement.

The Challenge runs for 12 weeks commencing on 12th January 2013.  Assessments will be conducted before the start date for all participants-no exceptions.

Full instructions will be available at  Join the New Year, New You Transformation Challenge Group now to show your commitment to making 2013 THE YEAR OF THE NEW YOU.

If you have any questions or queries about this or anything else health and fitness related, contact me today at

Entries close December 31st




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