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Stuck for Results? What to do about it

What an awesome Bootcamp this morning!!

Finishing up a fantastic week where we’ve focused a little more on resistance training (as opposed to focusing on high intensity cardio) today’s Bootcamp featured a few new combos which really tested the mental and physical side of the participants.

It’s training sessions like these, where you  push to new limits that will give you the best results over time.  It’s one thing to do a training session and just ‘go through the motions’, and another entirely to keep pushing even when it starts to hurt or you feel like you can’t do any more.

I’m not talking about pushing through any kind of injury or joint pain here.  But, you know.  That burning sensation in your muscles when your brain signals “enough is enough”.  You know you can do more (or if you don’t I’m telling you that you can) and you should.  Keeping on going till the last rep is done or the time keeper yells ‘rest’ will yield the best results-no doubt about it. Don’t just give up when it starts to hurt.

So, a checklist of actions you can take starting today to get better results:

Do more reps or use a heavier weight than ‘normal’ when training-and keep going after it starts to hurt.  In other words, up your intensity.  Do this 2-3 times per week for different muscle groups and you’ll notice that the amount of effort required to do the new number or weight becomes less.  You will get stronger and you will start to notice that muscle tone that you all seek.

Whether you’re a bloke trying to gain muscle, or a woman who is after that shapely tone and definition, YOU NEED TO PUSH MORE.  Stressing your muscles more than they’re used to is the only way to boost muscle mass by getting your body to adapt to the new stress.  Yes ladies, more muscle mass is what you need-you will not accidentally get ‘huge and too muscly’.  Women you see that have more muscle than you like the look of train exceptionally hard to achieve that.  This will not happen to you without really specific targeted training!!  More muscle and less body fat will be the benefits if you up your intensity!!

Eat a healthy, nutritious diet.  Surprise, surprise, you knew this was coming didn’t you.  For those who are new to FitterFaster, check out my website for heaps of free info on this  You can also check out these past posts:

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Here’s a quick recap of your main nutrition ‘tricks’:

  • Cut out nearly all grain foods from you daily diet-grain foods cause inflammation in your body.  Even if you’re not ‘allergic’ to grain foods, you will be sensitive to them as all humans are.  These are keeping or making your store extra body fat (THIS IS NOT THE SAME THING AS CUTTING OUT CARBS! DO NOT CONFUSE THE TWO DIFFERENT ISSUES)
  • Eat a good protein source at every meal or snack.  That is, 4-6 times per day.  Good choices include: chicken, fish, eggs, lamb, beef, other game, low fat cottage cheese (limit once per day), other seafood.
  • At every meal or snack, that is 4-6 times per day, also include fruit and/or veggies.  LImit fruit to 2 serves per day if you’re trying to lose bodyfat
  • Eat at least one serve per day of good fat sources such as: nuts, seeds, avocado, flaxseed products, oily wild caught fish (also counts as protein)
  • Weigh and measure foods till you’ve got it down pat.  Even then, go back to remeasuring regularly for a day or two as it is surprisingly easy to increase portion sizes without realising it.  This is important if you’re trying to lose body fat.  Not so much if you’re in maintenance mode and are making good food choices daily.

Increase your training frequency or alternatively, back it off for a week if you are training daily (or almost daily) already.  The minimum required number of sessions for clients at FitterFaster is 3 per week.  If you’re training really hard at these sessions, increasing your output often, and not missing sessions this will give you great results.  Any less, and you’ll be disappointed.

If however, you feel like you’re stuck at a certain level, an increase in frequency can yield good results, even if you do it for just 1-3 weeks at a time.  You could attend extra Bootcamps, Box Out or PT sessions, or you could add Home Workouts.  Either way, you’re going to see a difference if you increase frequency.  Try this for 2-3 weeks and then back off for a week or two to your normal routine.  Cycling this way will allow for great recovery.  Remember though, within each training session, you need to be putting in your best effort.

So if results lately have been slow coming and you’ve already got all of the above covered, what can you do?

  1. Recheck the above points first.  Are you really eating properly every day-not just for a few days or a week and then wondering why nothing is happening?  Are you really putting in your absolute best effort, or are you going through the motions at times and doing just the minimum to ‘look’ like you’re working hard?
  2. Do you really have more fat to lose?  Are your goals realistic?  If you’re not sure, talk to me.  Call, email or text me any time and we can discuss your goals and your PLAN OF ATTACK.
  3. Get on track 100% and do it for more than a week or two.  If you’re following the plan, the results will come, you sometimes have to be patient especially if you’re almost there!!

Don’t forget to contact me any time if you need some extra help.  I can answer any questions or help you with your plan

Lots of new stuff on the FitterFaster menu soon as I’ve discussed briefly with many of you over the past few months including:-

  • Bootcamp-still the same high intensity, incredibly effective workouts
  • Bootcamp Express-making a comeback to the FitterFaster menu will be 30 minute Bootcamps.  Times will be set on a needs basis-for instance, you may be looking for a quick lunchtime session, or an after work session before you head home?  What about a later evening session that won’t keep you out all night?
  • Box Out– these sessions are so popular that I’m expanding the times soon.  30 minute high intensity fitness based on boxing drills
  • Box Out Plus-will include a 15  minute core/abs component to finish after an intense 30 minute boxing based cardio blast
  • Personal Training-so fully booked presently that I’m adding more times as soon as I can
  • Master Fitness-Semi Private Personal Training especially for long-term sedentary or more senior individuals.  Designed to work specifically on mobility, core strength,and cardio-vascular fitness.  Could be used as a stepping stone into other sessions or as a permanent option.  Results will be better daily function as well as fat loss, cm losses and increased fitness
  • FitMums-Semi Private Personal Training especially for pregnant ladies and new mums.  Not just a modified version of ‘normal’ training, but targetted specifically to the needs of pre and post pregnant women of all fitness levels
  • FitKids/FitSports-specifically targeted to the youth (10-15) of our district.  Different focused sessions will be available:-those for kids who are not currently active but would like to improve their health and fitness through a fun, game based program and those that play competitive sports and would like to improve their core strength, agility, speed and reduce injury.

All of the above will hold true to the FitterFaster philosophy of No Excuses-Just Results.  Whether you’re a pregnant mum who has never exercised before, a teenager who has never been interested in sports, a super fit athlete wanting to improve your game or someone who wants to look their absolute best with a lean, ripped look, I will hold you accountable to the goals you set for yourself.



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