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Questions and Answers Better Body and Life Challenge

Lots of feedback and entries in already for the Get A Better Body and Life Challenge

I’ve also had lots of questions, so wanted to cover some of the answers here:


  1. I’m going away, can I still do it?  Yes, you can still participate.  Of course if you want to win one of the prizes, you’ll need to stay on track with nutrition and training while you’re gone.  Some may find this difficult but with the extra incentive of $500 cash to win, it hopefully will be easier than you think.  As far as being eligible for prizes, you need to average 3 Bootcamps or PT sessions over the 8 weeks.  So if you miss a week, you’ll have to make it up over the remaining 7 weeks.  If you don’t attend 24 Bootcamps or PT during Challenge, you will not be eligible for prizes-no exceptions!!
  2. What if I mess up the nutrition? Eating unhealthy foods will effect your results, especially if you eat them often enough.  I am not the food police however, so I will never know.  Having said this, you do need to submit a 3 day food diary every week during the challenge.  What is on that diary is irrelevant as far as prizes go-if its bad though, don’t expect good results and don’t expect to be a prize winner-simply because unless you commit, you won’t be the biggest loser.
  3. But I have a party, function etc on in the middle  So be it.  Learning to manage these events is vital to long term success with fat loss and then maintenance of said fat loss.  I’m not saying you can’t have a few drinks or whatever, but you can be sensible and you can get straight back into healthy eating afterwards.  Minimise the damage and move on.  Don’t do it too often though or you’ll be disappointed with results.
  4. I hate Home Workouts, do I have to do them? Short answer is no.  Answer to get best results is Yes!  3 sessions per week will get you good results.  However, if you train more often (within reason) you will improve your chances of winning prizes through better fat loss.  So you can attend Bootcamp more often or, if your finances or schedule don’t allow it, you can substitute with shorter home workouts.  You may even find that once you start, you actually enjoy pushing yourself.
  5. I don’t think I’ll win-I don’t have much weight to lose  Lucky you!!  Even if you don’t have much weight left to lose, you can still enter in order to push to another level.  The incentive of prizes and the camaraderie of people doing the challenge together could push you to lose those stubborn few kilos.  Of course its up to you, but there will be other prizes as well besides biggest weight loss.
  6. Why a Challenge now?  Christmas and New Year can be a disaster for staying on track with healthy eating and training.  If you’ve recently achieved great results, you’re more likely to stay on track and not ‘wreck’ it.  Plus that, summer is skimpier clothes time and I’d love to see you get in better shape so that you’re proud to wear those clothes any time you like.  I know you can do this.  The FitterFaster program works.  I’m proof and so are the many regular clients who train regularly and eat a healthy diet.

If you have other questions, please let me know.  Comment to this post so that others may benefit as well.

Basically you have to:

  • attend at least 24 Bootcamps or PT sessions during the 8 weeks,
  • you have to submit 8 x 3-day food diaries (one per week),
  • you have to have had your assessment and entered by paying the $50 entry fee and
  • have had your before and after photos taken by 24th September.
  • After assessments and photos need to be done by or on 25th November.
  • You also need to join the BBLC group on the FitterFaster Forum (  Further instructions will be posted there.

If you’ve already entered, join the forum group and book your assessment now . I’m doing assessments September 22nd and 24th.

Go to to enter now.

Clients working on being their best versions of themselves



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