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Get A Better Life Challenge

It’s a big statement.  GET A BETTER LIFE

What does that mean to you?

  • More energy
  • A healthy, lean body that looks and feels good-no great
  • Being able to kick the footy with your kids without worrying about pulling your hamstring
  • Being fit enough to enter a fun run, adventure race, triathlon or just play your favourite sport again
  • Being able to wear the clothes you’d like to, but can’t because they don’t fit or they just don’t look right
  • Being in control of what you eat, how you feel and how you look

A better life means different things to different people.  What’s important to one person, may not even be considered by another.  What you can be sure of though – improving your health, WILL  MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER.

Do you want to regain your manhood?

Do you want to wear swimwear with confidence?  How about those shorts and singlets?

You can achieve this if you’re willing to put in the effort.  Yes you.  You can do it.

What are you waiting for?

  • To go up another clothing size?
  • For the kids to ask you to drop them a block away from school?
  • To have a stroke or heart attack?
  • For some miracle to happen where you magically feel like doing something about your health and weight?

Seriously, don’t wait!  Make change happen now.  In a couple of months from now, you could be so full of energy that you’ll willingly get out of bed early to train, you’ll squeeze in that run after work, you’ll feel like kicking the footy with the kids, you’ll say yes to almost any challenge.  For Christmas this year, you’ll ask for workout gear, new sneakers, a new bike or some other piece of fitness equipment.

Have you been blaming your weight on pregnancy?  How long since you had that baby?  Isn’t it really just fat that you put on while you were pregnant and for some reason haven’t gotten rid of it yet?

Or perhaps you got injured playing your sport.  You stopped playing and training and then gained some excess weight. You keep blaming that injury, but really its just a case of eating too much, or of eating the wrong foods and not moving your body enough which caused the weight gain.

Do you blame your job?  The lunches supplied by your boss or at meetings?  Do you blame the hours you work, your kids or your busy schedule?

Is it really ‘pregnancy weight’?  Or is it really ‘I can’t say no to my boss weight’?

Could it actually be ‘I’m too lazy to do anything about it weight’ or ‘I eat too much junk food weight’ or ‘I drink too much alcohol weight’?


I always thought I was big boned too

On October 1st, the FitterFaster Get A Better Life Challenge will commence.  Open to men, women and teenagers.

8 weeks of solid, effective training combined with healthy eating that will see you 5-10 kgs lighter or more.  What’s more, there’s $500 up for grabs for the biggest loser – or should I say winner.

Fitter, healthier, leaner, more energetic and $500 richer!!  I know the prize money is a bribe.  But I honestly know that you too can feel better.  That you can look forward to every day with energy to burn.  I know you can reduce your risk of many, many common diseases and conditions and live a longer, better life starting today.

For updates on how to enter or for more information, email me today.

All entries must be received and weigh ins conducted by 24th September.

This challenge is open to FitterFaster clients only.  So if you’re not a client yet, email me to find out how to become one.

Special 7 day Bootcamp pass just $20 during September only.  Try Bootcamp for 7 days before deciding that its for you and commencing the FitterFaster Get A Better Life Challenge.  7 day pass only available to new trainees, if you’ve done Bootcamp before, you already know how great it is!!

Email me today:


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