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Are You At High Risk??

Did you know that carrying fat around your abdomen-around your vital organs-stops the organs from doing their jobs properly?

This has major implications for your health, including putting you in a HIGH RISK category for high blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol levels, as well as heart disease and diabetes.  It also significantly raises the risk of many cancers, specifically breast, oesophageal, colon, kidney and prostate cancers.  Endometriosis is also associated with increased abdominal fat stores.

Hormone production is also effected by abdominal fat which also also increases your risk of the above diseases and conditions as well as many others.

Other factors such as smoking, your diet (regardless of weight), exercise or physical activity (or lack of) and sleep patterns also increase your risk.

For women, a waist measurement of 79cm or less and for men 93cm or less means you’re in a reduced risk category.  This measurement is taken at your belly button (approx halfway between your bottom rib and the top of your hip) without sucking in your belly.  Measurements larger than this mean your are in the HIGH RISK CATEGORY.

What if your measurement is less than this?  It means you have less risk, but if you don’t exercise vigorously several times per week, don’t eat healthy foods every day or eat unhealthy foods too often, if you smoke or have poor sleep patterns, you put yourself right back into the high risk category anyway regardless of your waist measurement.

So measure your waist today and then do something about it.  Most clients having their first assessment are surprised to hear that they are in the high risk category.  What has become normal to look at in society, is actually unhealthy even though its seen as ‘normal’ or ‘average.’  In this case, average is not good.


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