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I’m scared and other excuses…..

If you’re overweight, or your health is not where you’d like it to be, you’ve really only got yourself to blame.  Advertising, convenience of fast food outlets, long hours, tiredness and lack of energy-they’re all excuses that people use to justify why they’re carrying around extra fat and get sick so often as well as having no energy.

They’re not the real reason though.  The real reason is because basically they are eating shit, eating too much of it and they’re lazy.  There’s no way around this truth.  We all have the same number of hours in the day, we shop at the same supermarkets, we have kids, jobs and other commitments.  But some people just go day to day complaining about their situation and never doing anything to change it.

If you’re like this, there must be a reason you decide to stay this way.  It is possible to change your habits and to get the body you want-both in terms of how you look and how you feel.  It is possible to turn everything around.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve failed to do so on previous attempts.  YOU CAN DO IT NOW!

Often people are resistant to change because they don’t know what is expected of them.  Realistically, we all know what we need to do.  We may be in denial, or be waiting for the next magic bullet.  But truth being said, YOU ARE THE MAGIC BULLET.  You have the power to change.  No one else can make the decision for you and no one else can stop you.  It’s all up to you.

If you’ve been thinking about coming along to FitterFaster, but are not sure what to expect, here’s a few things I’m asked the most often:

I dont want to keep a food journal.  Keeping one is something that most successful weight losers do.  And they keep doing it once they reach their ideal weight.  I do it myself approx every 4-6 weeks for a week or two.  It keeps me accountable and shows up bad habits that start creeping in.  So ultimately it is up to you to keep the journal or not.  I highly recommend it, even if it’s just till you get the hang of it and start developing better habits.  If you become one of my clients, you’ll need to keep a 2 day diary every month.

Have realisitic expectations You will not be cured of your bad habits in a single day or week.  These behaviours have been learned over a long period of time so you cannot expect to unlearn them overnight.  We have also had myths and untruths aimed at us from every direction over the past 20 years or so when it comes to nutrition. Most of it comes from the marketing companies whose job it is to convince you why you do or dont need a certain item.  These companies do not have your best interests at heart.

Cravings are worse when you are stressed You need to find time out for yourself.  Whether that is Bootcamp, a walk, playing sport, reading, gardening, a bath, a massage or whatever, give yourself time out to reduce stress.  Times when you feel overwhelmed will give you the perfect ‘excuse’ to have to have something.  Don’t let stress be the trigger to pig out, do something about else instead and deal with it in a more productive way.

Think positive  Have positive expectations about the program.  Dont think about what you cant have, but all the great benefits you are going to get-better health, more energy, a new body, longer life etc.  There’s no doubt you will have to give up certain things, especially in the short term.  But as they say, nothing tastes as good as a lean, fit and healthy body feels.  Once you experience this, you’ll understand what I mean.

How’s that working for you? As Dr Phil would say.  Has what you have been doing in the past been working for you?  No? Well stop dwelling on it then or ask yourself why you are so resistant to change.  Maybe the benefits of staying the same outway the benefits of making the changes for you. If some part of you keeps on making up excuses to not change, then maybe there is a reason for that.  Do you really want to have all those positive benefits or not?

Have a fair dinkum go if you decide that you really do want the postive benefits, then make the effort required to get them.  You will not look fit and healthy unless you ARE fit and healthy.  There is no way to fake it.  You will have to make the right food choices, you will have to turn up to training and you will have to push through the barriers.  I can provide information, I can provide encouragement, I can push you at Bootcamp, I can even provide extra incentive in the form of prizes but I cannot do it for you.  I am proof that this works.  Prove that you have what it takes too.

I’m scared, I’m too unfit, I’ve never done anything like this before Statements like these are the most common thing I hear first up.  Whether my initial contact with a new client is via text, email, phone or in person, almost everyone says that they’re scared and/or not fit enough.  This is perfectly natural and nothing to worry about.  I absolutely guarantee that once you turn up to train, you’ll feel right at home with other clients immediately.

Although the drills will be new to you and you may struggle with some components of the workout, we’ll be with you all the way to make sure that you’re doing everything right and not doing too much.  Every other client has been there before and most can vividly remember their first sessions and how they felt turning up. It’s the best bunch of people to train with and you don’t have to compare yourself to any of them.  Some have done over 600 sessions.  So don’t compare yourselves to anyone else.  It’s where you’re at that is important to you and where you are going from there.  We run a full beginner program where all ‘newbies’ are required to modify certain drills, take compulsory extra breaks and avoid certain exercises till they’ve built up a base fitness level and can progress to the next level.

Over the past 3 years and a bit years, my clients have lost over 800kgs and over 4000cm

This is huge and you can be part of it.  I have a variety of training packages ranging from the more short term to longer term packages.  All include full nutrition plan and support.   You can do Bootcamp, Personal Training or Box Out or any combination.

Contact me today to get started on achieving and maintaining your best body.  I can answer all your questions before you need to make any decisions.  Email me today on

Who do you want to be?



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