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avoid theseI get asked many questions about nutrition and training and how it effects weight loss. Sometimes the questions are just way too complicated for the stage that the asker is at.

Or, more often than not, the questioner is really a way of trying to avoid the fact that there are certain choices that you just have to make if you want to get great results.

The thing is, you can eat any crap that you like, it’s entirely up to you.

You can sit on your butt all day and think of a million reasons why you don’t have time to train, or why you can’t do it because of your job, kids or spouse, but the fact is, that there are certain choices that you have to make if you want changes to happen.


Be committed or not, it is that simple!

Make the changes or continue to find reasons why you can’t.

But if you keep finding excuses, don’t complain when nothing changes.

Stop trying to find an easier way, there isn’t one!!

The Basics-foods to avoid:-

  • Sugar – Probably the most abused and hidden of all foods to avoid. Sugar will stop you from losing body fat, fluctuates blood sugar level and has no nutritional value at all. Read labels and ingredients thoroughly. Avoid added sugar whether it’s added by you or someone else.
  • Too much dairy – Including milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and butter. Dairy products are very easily stored as body fat. Most of your allergies, colds, and joint stiffness will most likely disappear by eliminating dairy products. Stick to one serve of full cream yoghurt per day and remember that milk is for baby cows, not humans. One serve per day of low fat cottage cheese is also acceptable as an excellent protein source.
  • Alcohol – empty calories will easily turn into FAT. Not only that, but the effect on your hormones and the way your body processes everything else you consume is altered in negative ways.
  • Fried Foods – need I say more. There are much better, healthier ways to prepare foods without adding extra fat.
  • Low fat, Fat Free, Artificially sweetened, Diet etc etc – avoid these foods like the plague. Artificial sweeteners cause weight gain due to the effect they have on your whole body and the way it process and assimilates foods. They have also been implicated in type 2 diabetes.
  • Soft Drinks, Fruit juices and drinks – any kinds, diet and normal-avoid drinking your calories and see the point above as well. Plays havoc with blood sugar levels and causes insulin problems.
  • Processed Grain Foods – Pasta, breads, bagels, cereals, wraps, dry biscuits, cakes, donuts, biscuits, crackers, rice cakes, all snack foods, etc (INCLUDING WHOLEMEAL AND WHOLEGRAIN,MULTI GRAIN VARIETIES) have gone through a manufacturing process, altering their nutritional value to almost nothing. These foods are easily converted to sugar, and then stored as bodyfat. These foods translate as SUGAR to your body. Save these foods as a treat once a week. The body uses natural starchy and fibrous carbohydrates more efficiently-think fruits and vegetables.
  • Almost anything in a packet, bag or box – for all the reasons above plus the added chemicals. This includes the latest miracle bar, shake, powder or pill. These are not the magic that the marketers will have you believe. Make all your meal choices from real food like fresh meats, eggs, nuts, seafood, chicken, vegetables, fruits and salads.
  • Eat more often and eat enough – after perusing 100’s of food diaries over the past year, the biggest mistake I see is not eating enough when trying to lose weight and also not eating often enough. Eat every 2-3 hours-yes that often. If it’s gone 3 hours and you haven’t eaten a meal or snack consisting of a protein source and either fruits, vegies or salad, you’ve made one of the biggest and easily avoided mistakes that you can make. Be prepared. Take foods with you. Have healthy foods at home at all times. There’s really no excuses when it comes to this. Food is your bodies fuel. You don’t wait till your car runs out to fill up, do you. No you top it up regularly before that happens.


    real, healthy food looks and tastes yummy

The Basics-training:-

  • If you have time to train-which you must if you want to lose weight and keep it off, do high intensity exercise
  • Don’t waste time walking, easy running, pedaling on the exercise bike, stepping on the machine, or on the cross trainer unless you are doing hard intervals. Have you ever noticed the same people doing the same workouts on the same machines for years and never look any different?I bet they don’t feel any different either. Only after you have fitted in your 5 (minimum) high intensity training sessions for the week, should you do lower intensity ‘cardio’ workouts if you have time.
  • Don’t waste time waiting for the perfect time or looking for the best piece of equipment. Just get out and do something-burpees, walking lunges, pop squats, sprints, etc will blast the fat away, boost your fitness and strength and do not need any equipment or huge amounts of time or space.
  • Don’t wait for the magic motivation to appear. You don’t need motivation, you just need to do it!!
  • Get someone to do it with you-your kids, your husband or wife, your neighbour, your teacher, your best friend. Make a date to meet someone or better still, come to Bootcamp. I will give you the workout of a lifetime 8 times per week if you like and also send home training sessions for you to do at home every week.
  • Look at doing at least 5 training sessions each week if you want to be serious about losing weight. At least 3 of these should be for around 60 minutes, with the others being at least 20 mins or more.

Get the basics right first before you worry about counting carb grams or debating over the red meat debate.

Make the right choices or make more excuses. It’s up to you.

Any questions? comment or email me any time.  I’m only too happy to help



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