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Rewards for a job well done

Mothers day is almost upon us.  A day to celebrate everything great about our Mums.  A day when you (hopefully) get  a reprieve from the housework and anything else ‘chore-like’ if you’re a mum yourself.

Kids cook breakfast in bed-yum!  Toast, juice, cereal and coffee.  If you’re lucky some eggs even.  Great!

Next up you go out for lunch.  Bread basket or garlic/herb bread up first, followed by a lovely meal covered in some delicious sauce.  A serve of vegies or salad on the side so small you really hardly notice its there-heck, sometimes you don’t even eat it, so insignificant it is.

Of course, dessert is a must.  I mean, you deserve it don’t you?  Isn’t that what the ‘des’ in dessert is all about?  All that time you put in for your kids, the dishes, washing, ironing, playing taxi driver etc.  Dessert and a few drinks is exactly how you’re going to be paid back for all that effort!

By tea time, you’ve got the ‘I can’t be bothered’s’ so its take away for tea, or something simple like a toasted sandwich or similar.  To finish, you eat and share some of the chocolates that you were given because you’re the greatest Mum ever.

Sound familiar?  Could there be a better way? Could there be a better way to celebrate all things great about being a Mum?  Come to think about it, how do you reward yourself for achieving other great things?

How do you reward yourself if you do your workouts or exercise for the day or week? Do you have a treat to eat, or have a can or two (or more?) This rewarding yourself for something that is so essential for your health is really backward thinking. “I did my workout today, I deserve it, one won’t hurt”

Fitting exercise into your daily life should really be non-negotiable. It is not a special achievement that deserves a special reward. Do you reward yourself everytime you wash the dishes or clean your teeth? No, these are seen as essential parts of your daily life as exercise should be too.

The reward for exercising regularly is how it makes you feel and also how it makes you look. Raise your expectations of yourself and if you must reward yourself occasionaly, make it in a less damaging way and for a bigger achievement such as a massage for 4 weeks worth of daily workouts. Or a trip to the movies or some new perfume for accomplishing a performance goal in your workouts like being able to do 10 pushups on your toes. What about some new clothes that fit on your fitter, leaner body after you have lost 30cm.

You need to change your mindset about exercise and healthy eating. Over 30% of Australians are obese. This figure includes many of you. Almost 60% are overweight. Are you one of them? The figures are scarily similar for our children too. Look around. Can you see your own hip bones or your kids’ hip bones?  You should be able to.

Over accumulation of fat is just another symptom of bad health. Many common illnesses and diseases are caused by unhealthy eating, being overweight and by not exercising with intensity often. Some are:

Health Risks to Children:

Type 2 diabetes, Hypertension, Sleep apnea, Asthma, Breathing problems, High blood cholesterol, Psychological disorders, such as depression, due to social stigmatization. Which then leads to the following, as overweight children will become overweight adults.

Health Risks to Adults:

Type 2 diabetes , Heart disease, Stroke, Hypertension, Gallbladder disease, Osteoarthritis, Sleep apnea, Asthma, Breathing problems, Certain cancers (colon, endometrial, kidney, esophageal, and postmenopausal breast), High blood cholesterol, Complications of pregnancy, Psychological disorders, such as depression, due to social stigmatization, Premature death and many many more.

What are you doing to improve your health? Start right now with your whole family. Teach your husband, wife and/or children to eat fruits and vegetables. Teach them how to cook real food. Stop eating things that come with a label and ingredients list. Start moving-a lot. Get sweaty and out of breath regularly. Go for bike rides and walks. Play footy, or basketball with the kids. Soccer is a great family activity for all ages and abilities.  These activities are a great way to spend Mothers Day.  What is better than being with your kids, having fun and being healthy at the same time.  REally!!  Having fun with your kids is what this should be all about.

Stop buying the junk. You are in charge of what you buy and eat. You are in charge of what your kids eat. Don’t give in. It doesn’t take long to change habits if you stick to your guns. To recap:

Change the lifestyle and eating habits of the whole family.

Make it easy to access good healthy food in small portions. Throw out the bad stuff, and stop buying it.

There is a strong link between television watching and weight problems, so encourage the entire familly to watch less TV and play less computer games.  Get outside with your kids and play basketball or chasey, jump on the trampoline, go for a bike ride.  No really, get out and do it.

Set a good example yourself. Children will repeat what their parents do, not what they say.

Check my website for some simple healthy recipes. I have added a few new ones, and will add more as I can.



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