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Get results – 5 ways to make a difference today

It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  This post will hopefully provide some inspiration and some practical ways that you can get some better results this month.

Firstly, I”ve listed the times that I run PT and Box Out sessions each week.  These are usually fairly booked out, but there are weeks when there are gaps, so if you’d like to add the occasional or a regular session to your routine, let me know and I can fit you in.

Personal Training

Tuesday 5.45am

Tuesday 9.30am

Thursday 5.45am

Thursday 9.30am

Saturday 5.45am

Box Out

Tuesday 10.30am

Wednesday 5.45pm

Wednesday 6.20pm

Sunday 8am

I’ve been asked a bit lately about adding extra PT or Box Out sessions, so if you have a specific time  or times in mind, let me know and I can work out if it’s possible for me to fit it in.  Please do let me know as I’m more than happy to trial new times as we have done for the last 3 weeks with the new Thursday Bootcamp time.  It’s going well and at this stage is looking like it will be here to stay.

Getting Better Results Today


I know you’ve probably done this and I’ve said it a million times.  But have you really done if properly and if yes, have you let rubbish creep back in since then?

Get serious!!  Get rid of every packet, box or bag of chips, biscuits, wraps, chocolates, lollies, crackers, cereal etc etc.  Don’t save any just in case.  Don’t save any for visitors-they really don’t expect to be fed.  Your kids don’t need it either-so get rid of it.

If the food is not there, you can’t eat it and you know as well as I do that when that craving hits, you cannot control it if the food is there calling “eat me, eat me.”

Ask friends and relatives to stop giving you food for pressies-chocolates etc should be thrown out or given straight back when received.  It’s gone whether you eat it or not.  The only difference is that you won’t find the extra calories on your butt further down the track!


Now I’m not talking about rubbish here.  I’m talking about the foods that you kid yourself are healthy, but are actually just ‘filler’ foods.  Things such as breads, pasta, rice, potatoes etc.  Yes, yes, I know it sounds like I’m a carb phobic, but it’s not the carbs I’m avoiding.  It’s the huge rush of sugar and the consequent output of insulin coupled with little nutrition value that I”m trying to avoid.  If you absolutely must have these foods occasionally, at the very least, have them straight after a workout when they are LESS likely to be stored as fat.


Improving your health and losing weight shouldn’t focus solely on what you’re eating.  Following an effective fitness program will boost your results and enable you to maintain them long term.  Training correctly will reshape your body, burn calories and help you stick with healthy eating.  You’ll also sleep better and have more energy.  What’s not to like?


This would have to be my strongest recommendation to start with.  Writing down what you eat and when will be an eye opener for sure.  It will also have you taking a second thought about consuming non-nutritious foods.  For this to be effective, you must take your food diary (it can be as simple as a piece of paper or small spiral notebook) with you everywhere and record all foods and beverages AT THE TIME OF CONSUMPTION.  Filling in your diary at the end of the day is almost a waste of time.


Most of you reading this know all this stuff.  You know what to do but just somehow can’t implement it.  You’ll say that you’ll start Monday or at the beginning of the new month or whenever, but your good intentions go out the window after a day or two if you even get started at all.

I can’t stress enough how getting support and help is important.  Joining a group of like-minded people who are on the same track with the same troubles is one of the keys to success.  Very few of us can go it alone for long.  Improving your health, fitness and losing body fat can take time and perseverance.  A coach who can guide you and inspire you to get through the tough times is invaluable.

I”m only an email away if you have any questions.



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