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Pricing Structure Change

You know, a lot of days I just don’t feel like training.  I say things to myself like “I could do it this afternoon” or “I’ve just got too much on”  Some days I leave it at that and on those days, I almost always miss my training session.  On the other hand, some days, I say ‘What the heck-I’ve got so much on, I don’t have enough time to do it and I’m really, really busy, but I’m going to do it anyway”  On those days, I just head out the door or grab some handweights in the living room and get the workout done.  It might only be 15 minutes, but I’m always more productive and I get much more done and have much more energy on  the days that I stop making excuses and just do it.

We’ve all been there before, but it’s time to stop making excuses, stop putting it off and realise that it’s all in your head.  Stop planning and thinking about it and get out there and get it done.

Start today!!  Either start your fitness routine once and for all, or if you’ve already started, make today the day you end all excuses and do some training every day.

Be it a 10 minute core circuit, a 15 minute high intensity cardio session or a full on 60 minute Bootcamp, promise yourself-and follow through- that you’ll train 6 days per week at least every single week.  You’ll surprise yourself with the results you’ll achieve.

In an effort to make things easier for clients and also for administration purposes, I have restructured the way training sessions are paid for at FitterFaster.

The FitterFaster 3 Week Trial Package is still available and will be unaffected by the changes.  The 3 Week Trial Package is just $75 and includes:

  • Unlimited Bootcamp attendances
  • 2 Personal Training or Box Out sessions
  • Assessments
  • Full Nutrition Plan

 From 16th December 2011 Training Credits will be purchased instead of training sessions for all packages except the 3 week Trial Package.

(Current clients can renew under previous structure till 31st December if they wish)

 There will still be blocks of 30, 50 or 100 Training Credits and prices are the same as the previous 3 Bootcamp per week prices.  All 300 Clubbers will still receive their 10% discount on all packages.

 How will it work?

For each session taken, Training Credits will be deducted from your current total in exactly the same way as Bootcamps are deducted from packages now.

 No matter whether you are a Bootcamp, PT or Box Out client (or combo) you’ll be able to see how many credits you have left each week on the attendance list.

Training sessions will use credits as per the following:

Bootcamp = 1 Training Credit

Personal Training = 2 Training Credits

Box Out = 1 Training Credit

 As with the current Bootcamp system, the more sessions you commit to up front, the cheaper each session will be.  This applies to PT and Box Out as well under the new system.  Everyone still needs to attend a minimum of 3 sessions each week under the new system.


I have had a number of PT clients paying packages off, but instead of doing that, now they will be able to purchase a smaller block of Training Credits instead.  This will eliminate weekly payments and a lot of cash handling which was very confusing and time consuming in the past.  I also have clients with more than one package running and the new system will eliminate this as well.

 I have changed the information on my website (please refresh you page if you can’t see it) and will be also posting the changes on my blog.

 As I mentioned above, I have used the existing prices for the new system.  Prices should change very little for most clients-they may vary slightly up or down.  I have not had a price change since July 2010.  Basic prices are listed below, but more details can be found at

 30 Training Credits = $375

50 Training Credits = $550

100 Training Credits = $950

8 Box Out only Training Credits = $100

(The Box Out package is for clients who do Box Out only. If you want more than 8 Box Out sessions, you can invest in one of the other longer term packages)

 This will also make it easier for ‘one off’ PT and Box Out sessions for Bootcampers.  Likewise, if a PT-only clients wishes to trial Bootcamp, they can do so without a cash investment.  Instead of paying cash, Training Credits will be simply deducted from your existing package.

 All current packages will continue till they run out or expire under the current system.  As mentioned above, existing clients can renew under the old system till 31st December if they wish.  If you have renewed in the past week and wish to change to the new system, please let me know and I will change it over.

 PT sessions will continue to be booked ahead as they are now.  One off sessions must be also booked on an availability basis as per the current system.  The same applies to Box Out.  If you’re booked in ‘permanently’ for PT or Box Out and don’t show up, Training Credits will be deducted in the same way as sessions are deemed as taken now.

24 hours notice must be given to cancel booked sessions in most cases (illness obviously doesn’t apply-you just need to text me before the session)

 If you have any questions at all, please let me know via email, phone or text, or current clients can ask at training.

 I will also be enforcing my ‘one discount or gift voucher per package’ policy from now on.

(300 club discount still applies after voucher is applied on any package)

Christmas Special

Invest in or renew any FitterFaster Training Credits Package before 25th December and receive a bonus 20% credits extra for free.




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