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How to keep the weight off

After the 4th and final week of the Fat Loss Boost program (results to be confirmed soon) I’ve had lots of questions about how to maintain your new weight, or how to continue losing some more.  There’s two answers really and it all comes down to how close to your healthy, lean weight you are.

Let’s address the person who has 5kg or less left of excess body fat

A program like the 4 week Fat Loss Boost program is a really strict program which followed for too long by someone with little weight left to lose, will most likely result in a backfire.  You not only will probably end up bingeing, but also, if you’re down to the last 5kgs or less, your body will be doing all it can to hang onto that little bit of excess fat that you have left.

The way around this is to ‘refeed’ quite regularly.  Hence the higher calorie days that were involved throughout the program.  For this person, I’d suggest two days per week of not measuring your protein and dairy foods.  You can also eat some extra fruit on these days and add an extra fat serve or two in the form of nuts, avocado etc.  Note:  these are not a binge days. Still stay under control and only eat foods on the FitterFaster Food Lists.

Also have 1 or 2 protein days as per the plan every week and the rest of the days are normal FitterFaster Nutrition plan days.  Keep fruit servings to maximum of one or two per day as well on the ‘normal’ days.

You should also do the protein and vegie only days one or two days per week too if you like.  This is optional but would help this category of fat loss client.  Make sure you measure all protein, dairy and fruit serves on every day except the higher calorie day.

Overall, you want your weekly calorie intake to be lower than maintenance level without just being short every day.  So some lower and some higher-it’s the overall balance that’s important.  Measuring your food can be tedious, but it’s just so easy to eat too much and if you’re this close to your goal, you want to do everything you can to make it happen.  I always say- fat loss is simple, but not easy.

Now let’s look at the person who is still some way off from their ideal or goal weight

This person still needs to be strict with their plan.  Their body is less likely to backfire and they also can stay more motivated as fat loss will be a bit easier and seeing those scales or body fat measurements move really keeps you on track.

You’re still likely to keep losing body fat by following the FitterFaster Nutrition Plan to the ‘T’.

This means measuring and weighing food and sticking 100% at all times to the program.  If you find that it’s not working after a few weeks of honestly following it 100%, try to limit your serves of fruit to 1 per day (replace with vegetables) and drop your starchy carb serve.  You still needs carbs for energy, though you’ll get more than enough from nutrient rich vegetables and a little fruit.

For both groups of people, keeping a food diary is a fool proof way to make sure you’re on track.  Writing it down at the time of consumption is key to making the most of this simple tool.  Carry a small spiral notebook with you at all times and write it down straight away.  Don’t wait till you get home from work or whatever.  It won’t work this way.  If you then put everything onto the forum for me to check, I can make sure you’re right on track.

Having a regular assessment will also help you to stay on track.  How do you know if it’s working if you’re not measuring it?  A diary and assessments are the ultimate tool to track what’s working and what isn’t.  So get recording today and book your assessment now.  You can then look back on weeks when results were poor and compare them to ones where it all seemed to come together.  This helps both in terms of nutritional intake and training frequency and consistency.

The FitterFaster forum can be found at

I’m also finalising the new Box Out training session times which commence on November 1st.  All sessions are just about booked up, so if you would like to join in but haven’t let me know yet, please do so asap.  I can’t believe how quickly all the new sessions have filled!!

Check out these pictures of Mandy who recently completed the 12 week Evolution program.  Mandy has continued her FitterFaster journey and looks different again already!  Well done Mandy, you’re doing a great job.


Mandy after 12 weeks


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