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Major Fat Loss in only 12 weeks

The final assessments were completed for the Evolution Program this weekend.  The results were absolutely amazing to say the least.

In 12 weeks the 9 participants lost a total of 109.5 kg and 554.5cm.

The measurements taken were:


Narrow Waist

Umbilical Waist


Right Leg

Right Arm

So no making the numbers look good with multiple measurement sites, double leg and arm measurements etc.

From the very start to the end, all participants were so committed.  They were a great bunch to work with and took everything on board.  No excuses were made, but instead, real efforts were put forth to get the great results that they achieved.

Below are some of the things they said about the FitterFaster program:

I really enjoy the “bootcamp community spirit”, there is such positive energy at each and every session.  Everyone is so welcoming and encouraging and you have a gift for inspiring everyone.  I love the proud of myself feeling I have when I’m driving home.  I feel better than I have in over 10 years and I’m so much stronger and better at balancing.  Nearly everyone I’ve seen in the last couple of weeks have been saying “you’re fading away” –  Trish

This program is different to other things I’ve tried because of the constant support and advice, and the interaction on the forum, where I can get other ideas for food etc.  The constant communication from Jo is great, we always know what’s going on, and she is always there to help us.
The best change I’ve noticed is that I’m starting to feel much more confident in myself again, and my cardio fitness and agility has improved heaps!  – Mandy

The first Bootcamp session was a real eye opener. I found it very difficult to dig deep and bring myself back for another try. It is true how the first step is always the hardest – but on the other hand it’s the most rewarding to achieve.
Knowing that the welcoming catchup with the other participants was always waiting for you on arrival has made sticking to this program very easy. Having constant support from Jo through the good and bad times has made such a huge difference to anything I’ve done before.
It’s very exciting to put on an item of clothing that was rather tight, only to find there is now so much extra material ! I now feel alot stronger, have more energy, and have come through winter without being sick – Christine

The eating plan has become habit now and I’m finding it heaps easier than the first month.  I don’t fit into any of my clothes anymore, they look like clown pants on me now. Thats pretty cool! My everyday life is more manageable than before as I just seem to be able to do more in the mornings, previously I really struggled to motivate myself before midday.  In our social ladies game of basketball I’ve noticed I can run more and I shot a three pointer the other week which previously I struggled to make the distance.  I reckon that I’ve gained some years on my life (and that’s big!).  I can’t thank you enough.  I am so impressed with you and your setup and the whole programme in general and I’m rapt with my results and I look forward to one day being a 300 clubber! – Trish

What surprised me with this program was the amount of support during the whole program all the way through – the constant text messages and emails from Jo meant that we never missed a beat and were kept in the loop with things.  Almost every other weight loss program I have tried I felt like I was on my own, but this program was really good for me, because we were all in it together, and Jo was there every step of the way to help us with any queries or concerns. – Mandy

I have to brutally honest and say that I do not enjoy the “pain” during a workout but the second that it is finished I am euphoric and have an endless supply of energy for the entire day. Given that my days  can start at 4.45 with boot camp at 5.45 and can go until 2200hrs – this is a major increase in my energy levels.  Surprisingly the easiest thing for me has been getting out of bed so early to go to boot camp. I have found the eating plan to be abundant in quantities of food, although sometimes being organized to have the “correct” food can be onerous on top of my already busy days. The networking and support by fellow “boot campers” has been nothing short of amazing. They are an endless source of encouragement. – Heather

I feel really good and am highly motivated thanks to Jo at all times.  It’s been hard making regular time slots in everyday life around kids, school and work commitments, but surprisingly easy going ‘cold turkey’ on the nutrition plan and not wavering at all-I’m really enjoying it.  My general fitness and energy have improved and I feel healthier.  I have more energy to utilise throughout the day and am much happier.  I enjoy walking out the gate after a completed session and feeling stuffed but in a really good way – Sarah

Although the physical changes in how the Evolutioners look are amazing and obvious to everyone, I think you’ll agree that there’s a lot more to gain from being fit and healthy than just fatloss.  More energy and a better outlook on life also come as you get fitter.  These things are hard to measure, but rest assured, everyone gains these benefits from a good health and fitness program.

Well done to everyone.  I’ll share some individual results soon and hopefully some photos as well



One response

  1. Tara Fitzgibbon

    Great work Evolutioners- so proud of you all, great to read about your fantastic results. Look forward to training with you again soon. Tara

    September 8, 2011 at 4:57 am

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