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What are my training options at FitterFaster?

I’ve had lots of questions lately about the different training packages that I offer at FitterFaster.  You can find all the information at, but I’ll do a quick explanation here so you can make an informed decision and find everything on the one page.

Firstly, I offer Bootcamp Package, Personal Training Package, Hybrid Packages-which are a combination of Bootcamp and Personal Training and Box Out-which are 30 minute boxing based fitness sessions.

All Bootcamp and PT packages include Nutrition Plans as well which ensures that you’re going to get the results you’re after.  I guarantee all of my packages.  If you don’t get results, I’ll refund your money.


Here’s a rundown on each package:


Bootcamp training is primarily outdoors and is run in groups ranging in size from 2 participants up to 25.  Although they are high intensity training sessions that will get you fitter than ever before, they are also easily modified to suit everyone, no matter what your current fitness level.  All drills and exercises can be modified to suit you.  Even most injuries can be accommodated by different or modified drills in place for those that, for instance, can’t run, have knee problems etc.

Bootcamp sessions are purchased in blocks of 30, 50 or 100 sessions.  Each package has an expiry date which ensures that you use the Bootcamps within a certain time period.  I do this to prevent participants just coming and going when they feel like it and therefore risking injury and not getting results.  I am flexible for illness, injury and holidays.

There are two options with Bootcamp within the 30, 50 or 100 session packages.  You can choose to commit to a minimum of 3  sessions each week or a minimum of 4 sessions each week.  If you commit to 4 each week, each session itself is lower priced than the 3 per week options, but you have to use them in a shorter time period.  Many Bootcampers attend 4, 5 or 6 sessions each week on these packages.

All these options can be found on the ‘Buy Bootcamp Packages’ page at

Personal Training

I offer 10 week packages of Personal training sessions.  For a straight PT package, you must commit to 3 sessions per week, giving you a total of 30 over the package period.  Attending training less than 3 times per week will result in poor improvements in fitness and/or fat loss, so I don’t offer packages with attendance less than this.

I’m also very strict with booking of PT sessions.  At the beginning of your package, you book in which sessions you will attend.  A ‘no show’ will result in the session being deemed as taken unless you let me know prior to the training session that you won’t be attending.  I am contactable via text, phone or email at all times.  Personal Training sessions are held with 1-4 participants at a time.

Hybrid Training

Hybrid packages are a combination of Personal Training and Bootcamp.  2 PT sessions are booked in each week and you are able to attend Bootcamp as often as you like.  This is my most popular PT Package.  These are also available in 10 week blocks of 20 PT sessions and unlimited Bootcamps.  The only stipulation with your Bootcamp attendance is that you come to at least one each week bringing your total training sessions to a minimum of 3 per week as per all my packages.

You can find details about the Personal Training and Hybrid Packages on the ‘Private Coaching’ page at

Box Out

Fairly new but already incredibly popular are my 30 minute Box Out sessions.  Each Box Out session is based on boxing for fitness drills using heavy bags and focus mitts, but also combines other high intensity drills to give you an incredibly tough workout in just 30 minutes.  Quite a few clients squeeze these into their lunch break and others even attend early Sunday mornings to get their ‘fix’.

Box Out sessions can be booked casually at $15 each or can be booked 5 sessions at a time at $50.  I’m planning to fit more of these into the FitterFaster calendar as soon as possible as they’ve been very popular. Places in each session are limited to 4.

Box Out sessions are the only ones I offer that do not require a minimum attendance.  They are open to current Bootcamp or PT clients as well as anyone else who’d like to have a go at Boxing for fitness.  All fitness levels are welcome.

All Bootcamp and PT Packages are paid up front at the commencement of your training and include nutrition plans and support for both your training and your nutrition.

All packages are fully guaranteed.  You will get results, or I will give you your money back.

If you’d like any more information on any of these packages, or would like to get started, just give me a call or email me at at any time.

I also have a 3 week Trial Membership Package which entitles you to unlimited Bootcamps, 3 PT sessions, assessments and your nutrition plan.  It’s priced at just $75 and will enable you to sample everything I offer at FitterFaster without a huge commitment.



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