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Organised Chaos

In sports and life in general, there’s no set rest or exertion periods, predictable movements or set plays that last an exact amount of time or take an exact amount of effort.

Most sports and most physical activities undertaken by the general populations (think gardening, housework, painting, netball, basketball, carrying groceries, footy, hockey, playing with the kids, pushing an uncontrollable shopping trolley or heavy pram, picking up the kids, tennis etc) involve multi speed, multi joint, multi effort, unplanned movements combined with quick thinking and the required quick reaction times that many of these activities rely on.

Therefore, a training program shouldn’t be too structured if it is going to prepare you for ‘stuff’ that you’re going to do each day or week.

Core strength work

While we absolutely can’t ignore proper programming, movement instruction, correction and practice of movements, and we must make sure to include pushing, pulling, rotation, lateral movement and level changes to maintain a well balanced program, a bit more chaos is great to fully prepare you for every day life.

FitterFaster Bootcamp workouts are progressive in that there are different levels of each drill for people at different stages of their fitness journey.  They’re progressive in the timed length and number of sets that each participant must complete.  Whether you’re resting every 3rd set, doing every second, or completing it all, your progression follows your adaptation to the training.

Sets that involve doing as much work as YOU can within the given time frame also allow for progression both for individuals and the entire group.  A great example of this was a set we did recently using tyres for step ups, dumbbells for seesaw presses and bodyweight or DB squats.  The number of reps for each exercise was set by me (one number for newbies and another for regulars).  Each participant had to do as many ’rounds’ as they could within the given time frame.  Each participant can race another, or work at their own pace and try to beat the number completed last time.  They can also increase their weights and try to maintain the same number completed in a previous workout.  All this happens while I keep an eye on form and make sure that everyone is not only pushing to the best of their individual abilities, but they are also keeping safe and getting the most out of every rep.

joint function and stability with muscle strength and endurance in action

So it may seem that each training session is a mish mash of different stuff.  But all together, I focus on joint and core stabilisation for injury prevention and better function each day, strength development, again for every day life, cardio vascular fitness improvements for better sports performance and better health and of course, challenges in every session to make it fun.

I think adding some chaos is the most effective way to see overall improvements and keep everyone enjoying each session.  Wouldn’t it be boring if we did the same thing each day, even if it did improve your fitness?



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