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Free EVOLUTION FAT LOSS -participants required

Many of you will have already heard about my upcoming program to help 4 overweight people finally lose their unwanted extra kilos.

I’m running the EVOLUTION FAT LOSS program for free, but require that the participants commit 110% without excuses for the entire duration.  This means, that even if it’s your birthday, or your best friend is getting married or whatever, you still have to stick with the program.  No excuses!!

The best thing about this is that you will  learn how to maintain your weight loss and how you can fit this into yours and your families lives.  There’s no magic shakes or pills and no special equipment needed to be purchased.  This is just basic lifestyle changes which when followed every day, will get you the results you want.

Full commitment is required because in order to lose fat, you have to be strict.  Promises of 7 day fat loss, cheat meals etc will not result in long term and effective fat loss.  This doesn’t mean that you can’t lose fat quite quickly.  On the contrary, the more weight you’ve got to lose, the faster it will come off.  But only if you stick to the program.  Constantly going backwards will do just that-cause you to go backwards and before you know it, you’ll give up and end up putting any weight lost straight back on and probably with a bit extra to go with it.  Admit it, you’ve probably done that before and know exactly what I’m talking about.

Does this look familiar?

So what will you be required to do?

Firstly, you’ll need to change what and when you eat.  You’ll most likely have to clean out your kitchen and get back into eating non processed, real foods.  You won’t be hungry-in fact, you’ll probably say you can’t eat all the food that will be on your plan.

Secondly, you will have to train.  I will need you to meet with me 3 times per week (minimum) for targeted fat loss training.  As the program progresses, you may be required to also do short sessions at home or even join Bootcamp or other Personal Training sessions once you’re fit enough to do so.  This will really boost your results and will be included in the program (ie. there will be no extra charge for this)

I’m hoping that the successful applicants for this program will be able to train during the day and/or on weekends.  As you probably know, my evening schedule is pretty much booked up already.  Some early morning sessions will also be available for those who work.  If you’re already thinking “but I don’t do exercise on weekends,” or “but I like to have weekends off,”  or  “I don’t do early mornings”  this program may not be for you.



Put an end to this

So you want in?  I”m looking for 4 participants who have around 20-30kgs to lose.  You might be someone who’s considered Bootcamp or PT, but have thought that you’re too unfit, or not ready yet.  You are the people I’m hoping to help with the EVOLUTION FAT LOSS program.  You may have tried different programs or diets and you may have given up hope.  You just might not know where to start.

This is what you need to do:-

  1. Send me an email ( and answer the following questions.  I know this sounds like a lot of info, but I want to be sure to pick the right people that are willing to give this a proper go:
  • Name, address, phone
  • Email address
  • How much fat do you think you’ve got to lose and what is your current weight and height?
  • Age and occupation.  Do you work full or part time?
  • When are you available to train with me?  eg. early morning, during the day (which days) on weekends etc
  • Are you ready to commit 110% and why?
  • How long have to been overweight?
  • What (if anything) have you tried in the past to lose weight?  Did it work?  What were you results and did you keep any of the weight off?
I’m hoping to get this up and running in June, so if yourself or someone you know might be interested, let them know and get those emails in asap.  The program will run for 12 weeks.

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