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It’s All Or Nothing-isn’t it?

What a great week so far.  Loads of attendances in both Private Training Sessions and Bootcamp.Everyone has been putting in a maximum effort with a good mix of sessions being held.  This week I’ve focused on all round fitness rather than targeting strength or cardio as we have been doing on alternate weeks over  the past months.

Rehab corner has also upped the anti with the use of the long ropes, bands, kettlebells, dumb bells and the sledgehammers.  And this is an area I want to focus on for this blog post.

For most of us, being fit and training hard has become not just a means to a healthy body weight, but also a time to relax and challenge ourselves.  A release from every day life if you like.

I strive to make your time at FitterFaster ‘The Best Part Of Your Day.’  For a lot of you, it is and that is fantastic.  We all need something to focus on that is just for us.  Something we do because we want to and its not for anyone else.

But what happens when something stops you from being able to train-an injury, surgery or illness for instance?'re injured, what now?

For some, it just means a short or extended visit to ‘rehab corner.’  For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, rehab corner is not really a corner as such, but just a modified version of Bootcamp, where those who cannot participate in certain drills or parts of the main workout, can do modified versions of exercises or even something different all together if need be.

Over time (and this varies) most people graduate from rehab corner with minimal interruptions to their fitness level.  In fact some come out of rehab with better core and upper body strength than they had before their injury!!  (this is actually a subject for another time, but it’s amazing how when you’re forced to do stuff that you don’t like as much, you see improvements in fitness quickly)

But what if you know you’re not going to recover or you’re going to be out for a long time?  There are 2 options really:

  1. To decide that if you can’t do ____________ (insert activity eg. running, swimming) you may as well give up all together, eat crap and get fat and unhealthy OR
  2. Allow yourself to open minded about other ideas and possibilities and stay focused on those things that you can control eg. healthy eating, different forms of exercise and possibly new goals as well

May as well give up!

I know which option I’d take.  But of course that’s easy for me to say, because it hasn’t happened to me yet.  I do however have major surgery coming up  very soon which will most likely mean no training for up to 6 weeks.

It’s going to kill me, I know, but I’m going to focus on maximising my recovery and avoiding weight gain by eating properly and by doing what I can do as soon as I can do it.

So if you’ve been sidelined by injury or illness, don’t give up.  Just try to think of what you can do, not what you can’t.  It’s not all or nothing.  Transform the way you’re thinking by looking at new possibilities and working towards them with a positive outlook.


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