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Workouts for Home and new recipes

As a client of FitterFaster, you know the value of consistent and frequent training.  As a bonus to personalised training at Bootcamp and Private training, I provide weekly Home workouts for all clients to use as extra training and also to use if there’s any reason you can’t make it to Bootcamp as often as you’d like (or need to) each week.

Usually the only equipment you’ll need is a skipping rope and a small space.  Sometimes a small step (like back step, bench or stable chair) can be useful to to up the intensity.

All Home Workouts are now delivered via the FitterFaster TrainerForce website.  I emailed all clients last week with the log in details, so if you’ve forgotten them or didn’t receive them, please email me and I’ll resend them.  These workouts are for client use only.  I must admit, I’m still experimenting with how this whole website/program works, but so far, so good.  There’s video or photo demonstrations of all the drills and exercises which will really assist if you’re a newer client and haven’t done all these drills before, and also for new drills that I’m adding.

When we all start our 4 week Fat Loss Reboot on 11th April, I’ll be putting extra home training sessions on the website which will be optional, but will really help boost the effects of the nutrition plan we’ll ALL BE FOLLOWING.  If you slip in an extra couple of short training sessions in each week as a second workout for the day-you’ll see a difference in your results.

Don’t forget to book your assessment before the 8th April to be eligible for the prizes that I’ll be giving out at the end of the 4 week period.  Even if you’re not interested in winning prizes, please note that this 4 week Reboot is for ALL CLIENTS.  It’s free and you will see results if you join us.  More energy!  Less Fat! Drop cm’s and clothing sizes! Just feel better!  So have an assessment anyway so you can see how eating properly makes all the difference.  Book your assessment today!

What I’m trying to achieve for you all with the Fat Loss Reboot, is to get back into good eating habits especially with Winter coming up which is a danger period health-wise for many people.  If you follow the nutrition plan-which is not a diet!!!!-you will feel better, drop clothing sizes and look better too.  I’d like to see everyone on board 110% for this.  I know we can all do this together.

Just to show you what you might achieve, I’ve been absolutely spot on with nutrition over the past few months without altering training and have lost over 3kgs and lots of cm’s.   I am always good with nutrition, but just tidying it up and giving it 110%, has seen me drop fat quickly.  I am also feeling fabulous, with heaps of energy.  So if I can do it, you can do it too.

I’ve just put some new recipes onto the website too.  Mandy has given some of them to me and they sound fantastic.  When you look at new recipes in books, magazines or online, usually a few minor adjustments can transform them into a healthy meal or snack that will fit into your FitterFaster Faster Nutrition Plan for life.  Go to the recipe page to check them out.  The Chicken, Apple and Macadamia Burgers are apparently fantastic and if you make extra, they are great cold as a protein portion the next day. Same with the Morrocan Lamb Rissoles.  They’re both very easy and will appeal to your kids too if you have any.

Lastly, on Friday, the Advertiser has a Wedding Lift Out feature.  Please check it out as you’ll see 2 new sets of before and after photos from clients who’ve done a fantastic job of transforming their lives.

Jeffrey has been coming to Bootcamp for quite a while now and although off to a slow start, has now gotten ‘addicted’ to exercise, in particular running and looks great.  Footy training is now a breeze and I’m sure you’ll agree if you’ve been at Bootcamp with Jeffrey, that he puts in 100% in every drill.  He recently completed his first fun run and did the 10.5km distance in just over 51 minutes.  What a great effort.

Likewise, Mandy is an inspiration to Mums and everyone everywhere.  With 3 small children (her youngest is 7 months old) at home and another in Primary School, Mandy has dropped an amazing 12kgs since early November last year.  With her permission, I’ve listed her losses in cm’s from November 2010 to today.

Narrow waist-down 8cm

Umbilicus waist-down 15cm

Hips-down 14cm

Right Thigh-down 8cm

Right Upper Arm-down 4cm

I think you’ll agree that this is amazing and she looks and feels great for it.  You can all achieve fantastic results if you put in the effort required.  Great nutrition (not just “I’m pretty good”), hard, consistent training (not just “I go when I can”), good recovery achieved by eating properly and getting enough rest/sleep.

So check out the new recipes and if you’ve got any good ones that fit in with the FitterFaster Nutrition Plan, send them to me and I’ll put them on the website for everyone to use.  If you’re not sure about your recipe, send it anyway and I’ll check it out.  And don’t forget to grab the Addy on Friday to check out the new photos.



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