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Addicted to diet soft drinks??

You may be thinking that this doesn’t apply to you-“I don’t drink diet soft drinks!”  But be  aware.  Read carefully and you’ll note that the culprit in question is most likely the artificial sweeteners contained in the drinks.  So this applies to any ‘sweet’ foods or drinks that you justify are okay for you because they are low fat or no sugar.

I’ve talked a lot about addiction to certain foods and drinks lately at training.  This is a real phenomenon!!  I’ve found time after time that the best results are gained by ‘going cold turkey’ and cutting out the foods/drinks in question.

I know that this is the only way for me personally.  I can go months without eating any rubbish and it honestly does get easier after the first week or so.  However, eating  even just a tiny bit of something-like ice cream (yum………vanilla ice cream……) makes me crave it again and again-until I go without it again for a week or so.

Clients have also proven this to me and themselves.  So if you want fat loss, the best method is NOT to have cheat meals or cheat snacks.  But to give up the offending foods entirely.  Once you reach your goals-and not before- you can introduce small controlled amounts back into your diet occasionally. But you have to remain aware that this WILL trigger cravings and you have to be strong to combat them.

Have a read of this research study snippet I read on George Hynecs blog recently.

Surveys have found that people who drink diet beverages average more than 26 ounces per day, and some drink far more. About 3 percent of diet-soda drinkers have at least four daily.   Some may be addicted to caffeine, but that doesn’t explain those who prefer caffeine-free varieties. Experts say that people can become both psychologically and physically dependent on it.
They may get addicted to diet soda because they associate it with a certain activity or behavior. And research also suggests that the artificial sweeteners in diet soda may prompt people to drink more, because they aren’t as satisfying. CNN reports:

“In other words, artificial sweeteners may spur drinkers — or their brains — to keep chasing a ‘high’ that diet soda keeps forever just out of reach …
Whether you feel dependent or not, drinking too much diet soda might be risky in the long run. In recent years, habitual diet-soda consumption has been linked to an increased risk of low bone mineral density in women, type 2 diabetes, and stroke. What’s more, a growing body of research suggests that excessive diet soda intake may actually encourage weight gain.”


Neuroimage. 2008 Feb 15;39(4):1559-69.

Unfortunately, the same applies to most carbohydrate based foods like breads, pasta etc.  These foods are addictive and if you choose to eat them, your body will crave more sugars.

To your body, these so called healthy foods are basically just sugar.  The nutrients supplied by these foods (yes even wholemeal and multigrain varieties) can be found in other more nutritious foods that are much less calorie dense and also supply a myraid of other nutrients.

If you want to get great results, you have to get out of your comfort zone.  This doesn’t just apply to your training.  You also need to change your everyday diet or your efforts will be wasted.

All FitterFaster clients will soon be participating in a ‘Fatloss Reboot’ program that will run for 4 weeks from April 11th.  It will involve following the FitterFaster Nutrition plan and recording daily food diaries on the FitterFaster Forum Everyone will be expected to participate and record a minimum of 5 days nutrition each week for the 4 weeks.  There will also be Home Workouts set for the 4 weeks, which will be optional but I encourage you to do them to improve your chances of getting the most out of the Fatloss Reboot program.  THIS IS A FREE PROGRAM.  There are no costs involved for all FitterFaster clients, whether Private, Bootcamp or both.

For those who’d like to make a competition out of it, there will be prizes for the most cm’s lost and the most weight lost as well.    I plan to start the Reboot on April 11th so to be in the running, you need to book your assessment before then.  I am taking bookings from now till the 10th April.  Please note that I will be away the first weekend in  April, so book your assessment now.  Getting in as early as possible, will also give you longer to start shifting that fat!!  It’s just 3 weeks till the official start date, so get in now.

I’ll give you all more details soon, but please, if you haven’t had an assessment in the past couple of weeks, you need to book one before 11th April.

Also, could all 300 Club members please book their FREE Private Training session for April soon.  Places are very limited, so it’s first in, best dressed for choices for times.  We may need to book you ahead.  You are entitled to one free session each month as part of your membership, so don’t miss out.  If you still want your March one, book today!!

And lastly, don’t forget that from April 1st, all FitterFaster Training and Nutrition Packages will be subject to GST.  I’ve put this off for as long as I can, but will be adding the 10% charge from that date.  Any packages paid for before that date will be GST free.

Watch this space for a full report and photos on the Train The Trainers Day on Saturday.



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