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Fundraiser Bootcamp a success and tips to help you achieve success as well


This morning we held our flood victims fundraiser Bootcamp, at which it appropriately poured with rain.  After taking a vote, we decided to stay outside and all got well and truly drenched while in the process of having a great workout.

All 26 participants put in a fantastic effort despite the wet weather, especially those who attended for their first ever Bootcamp.  A huge thank you to everyone.  We raised $300.25

It’s hard to tell in the pictures, but it was absolutely pouring down while I was taking them.  Everyone stayed focused however and we didn’t venture inside till the last 5 minutes when the thunder started and I decided not to risk a lightning strike!!


Success tips

Follow these steps to success with your fitness, fat loss or health improvement program:

  1. Make a change immediately-start your journey now.  Successful people do stuff now.  They don’t put it off till next week or tomorrow.  They decide what they want and they start doing whatever it takes right NOW.
  2. Know where you are starting from.  You may have a doctors report that says “you need to do something about this.’  Or you may be making the decision yourself.  Take your measurements, test you fitness levels or have your vitals checked-cholesterol, blood pressure, weight etc.  Once you have a starting point, you’ll know if your program is working or not along the way
  3. Find out how to get there.  Ask for help.  Get a program that’s proven to work.  Don’t fall for the latest gadget or products’ snazzy graphics and marketing.  Having a step by step strategy in place that you know will work will make sure you get to your destination.
  4. Be prepared.  Just as you wouldn’t go away without packing, you can’t successfully complete your journey without getting organised.  Clean out the kitchen, stock your fridge and cupboards with the right sorts of foods.  Enroll in a program that promises realistic results and has proof that it works.  Make sure you block out training sessions in your schedule-actually write it down on your calendar, in your diary or wherever you record other appointments.
  5. Make sure your journey is going to be comfortable.  If you hate swimming, don’t start with a swimming program.  If you like to work out in a group-don’t take up running.  Make sure you’re comfortable with your choice of training methods.  You need to enjoy what you are doing.  No matter how effective the program might be, if you can’t see yourself attending regularly-it won’t work for you.
  6. Start off slowly.  Do not go out and start training for an hour every day.  Take regular rest days and don’t push to your maximum intensity in early weeks.  Make sure the program you choose can be scaled to YOUR individual fitness level.  Whether you’ve been doing anything lately or not, the program has to accommodate you and not the other way around.  If you go too hard too early, you’ll end up injured, burn’t out and just plain exhausted.
  7. Fuel yourself properly.  It doesn’t matter how much or how hard you train.  If you don’t get your nutrition right, you won’t see maximum or permanent results.  I’ve said it 1000’s of times-You Cannot Out-train a Bad Diet.  So fuel your body properly and you won’t ever need to diet again.
  8. Join a club.  Having social support makes exercise much more fun and you’ll be much more likely to stick with it.  You can enlist the help of a friend who agrees to meet you each day which is great, but as long as you don’t start giving each other excuses that is.  Or you can join a sporting club or gym.  Or you can get a trainer to support you and guide you on your journey.
  9. Keep going till you get there.  This can be the hardest part of all.  Initially you’re likely to see speedy results, but inevitably they will slow down.  A good program will allow for this and if you stick with it, the results will come again.  Whatever you do, don’t swap and change courses every few weeks just because the scales haven’t moved.  Stay the course and you will get there if your selected program was solid in the first place.   It can take up to 3 months to make training a habit that you do without thinking about it.   So hang in there and keep going.  It will be worth it when you get there.
  10. Check your progress.  Along the way, it’s important to take regular checks of where you are exactly.  You or your trainer can then pinpoint if you need to make adjustments to your original plan.  So schedule those assessments and keep your appointments.  Whether you are checking them yourself, or you have a trainer or a GP is doing them for you.  Don’t neglect this important part of your journey.

So keep training hard-or start if you haven’t yet.  Eat healthy,nutritious, real food instead of processed crap and get plenty of sleep.  It really is that simple.  The process is simple, but sticking with it can be hard on your own.  Get support and success will be yours.  This is one journey you really don’t need to make alone.  I can help you achieve your fitness and health goals.



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