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Private Coaching and more begins

You’re looking at the first step in the relaunch of FitterFaster for 2011.  This is the new logo for FitterFaster and you’ll be seeing it around a lot very soon.

So what’s going to change?  Well, a lot and a little:

Bootcamp will remain as the main service at FitterFaster.  So you are still going to get a fantastic training session:

  • developing your all round athletic abilities,
  • improving the function of your body on a day to day basis,
  • burning heaps of fat,
  • raising your metabolism so that you continue to burn more fat during the rest of the day and
  • improving muscle tone (commonly known as ‘toning up’) so that you not only feel fantastic, but look fantastic too.

Bootcamps are great as the group atmosphere just lifts everyone up to new levels and the friendships that develop are integral to what makes this an ongoing success.  Everyone is really supportive of each other giving it that real ‘team’ feel.

Private Coaching sessions will commence on 7th February.  I’ve introduced Private coaching for a number of reasons, some of which I’ll list here:

  • there are some people that wish to make a start on a fitness program but are unsure of how they’ll fit into group Bootcamps.  These people can make a start on their fitness in a private situation and gain improved function and fitness abilities before beginning Bootcamp at a later date if they so wish to.
  • although Bootcamp can be scaled and tailored to differing fitness levels, some participants require extra work on form and function to be able to perform at their best.  This can be due to extended inactivity or previous injuries or other rehab issues.  This can be better addressed in a smaller group either temporarily or permanently.
  • experience trainees that want to go the extra step can have  a private coaching program tailored to their needs too.  Whether it’s doing extra strength work or working on improving their endurance and anaerobic capabilities for a particular sport or event, this can also be catered for.
  • some people just prefer the smaller private training situation. We all have our own interests, likes, dislikes and needs.  All round fitness, fatloss and body composition changes can be addressed successfully by private training as well.
  • special groups like pre and post natal, specific sports improvement, etc

Tentative time slots are listed below, so don’t wait to make your booking.  There are a maximum of 4 spots in each session.

Packages include either: 3 Privates a week or the Hybrid Package consists of 2 Privates and Unlimited Bootcamps each week.  Both packages run in 10 week blocks and will start on February 7th.

Tentative times are as follows.  Please note that these are not set in stone, so if you’re interested but are unable to make these times, please contact me this week to organise other suitable times.

Monday 10.30am

Tuesday 5.45am

Thursday 5.45am

Thursday 10.30am

I’m also open to an early Saturday morning session or other times as required by potential clients, so please let me know if you need to work out a different time.

The Beginners Program at Bootcamp is one of the most exciting changes we’ve made at FitterFaster.

It’s been thrown around that ‘Bootcamp would be too hard to start now.’  Regular Bootcampers can be heard saying this all the time and often people tell me that they’d love to come, but they just need to get fit first!

I’ve actually been going back through records and doing a lot of training sessions from 12-18 months ago at Bootcamp this past few weeks and I think everyone would have to agree, that things haven’t really gotten harder over that time.  Instead, what has happened, is that a lot of the people who’ve been coming since then, have just developed more strength mentally and are actually just pushing themselves harder in each session.

However, to address potential Bootcampers concerns, I’ve developed a Beginner Program which basically takes any new clients through a stage by stage plan to ensure that they are not overdoing it in the first 6-7 weeks and that they are getting the most out of Bootcamp while minimising the risk of injury and also minimising the muscle soreness that will inevitably occur.

Each new client must work through a series of phases during which there are restrictions including modifying drills and exercises, extra rest breaks to be taken (mandatory) and extra support from the trainer in charge and assistant trainers where applicable.  Once they ‘graduate’ they will be ready for full on, no excuses training, but by then, they will be well and truly prepared and ready.

Who's this camera shy person in the FitterFaster gym?


The New Trial Membership will launch on Feb 1st and will take over from the 3 free training sessions that I have given in the past.  Instead, potential new clients will undertake a trial membership for 3 weeks in which they receive:

  • 1 semi private training session per week for the 3 weeks (existing time slots only)
  • unlimited attendance at Bootcamp
  • Assessments both before and after the 3 week trial
  • Basic Nutrition plan which we all know is vital to getting results

All this is valued at $390 but the cost will be set at just $75

If after 3 weeks we cannot prove that FitterFaster is going to get you results, you’re under absolutely no obligation to continue.

In fact, I’m so sure that you’ll see FitterFaster is for you that I guarantee that if you make full use of everything included in the trial membership package and don’t get any results, I will refund your money. It’s 100% guaranteed.

Online training I’ve been doing online training programs since I started FitterFaster, in fact some of my regular clients began with online programs before moving onto Bootcamp.  I currently do programs for general fitness, fat loss and more specific programs such as run programs or triathlon training programs.   I’ll be working on promoting this and implementing it in a bigger way later in the year.

So I guess you could say, that the basics of FitterFaster haven’t really changed at all.  I’m still all about getting you the best results that I possible can.  Through  proven training practices, effective real world nutrition and ongoing support and accountability, I’m determined to prove that FitterFaster is the place to go for serious fat loss and fitness results.

If you haven’t tried it yet, don’t wait any longer.  Whether you’d like to try our new Trial membership or start right away with Bootcamp or Private Coaching, give me a call today!!  0429 612975

Thanks for taking the time to read this lengthy post and have a great weekend



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