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Important Updates

It’s almost the end of the school holidays.  I can’t believe it’s gone so quickly.

Lots of clients have been away and had time to catch up with their families and spend some quality time with them.  I’ve been the same.  Although we have not been able to get away, we’ve spent heaps of time together, most days doing nothing more than hanging out by the pool.

As the new term draws near, there’s a few important changes and events happening at FitterFaster, so please read and not carefully:

New Bootcamp Starting times

From 31st January, the morning Bootcamps will begin at 5.45am sharp.  I’ve discussed this with most of you over the past few months and you have all said that this will still suit you, and I thank you for supporting this change.  I know for a lot of you, it will actually suit better to finish up 15 minutes earlier.  So get ready to set your alarms a bit earlier.

Just to recap, Monday, Wednesday and Friday 6am Bootcamps will be starting at 5.45am from January 31st.

Australia Day Public Holiday

On Wednesday 26th January, the 6am Bootcamp will run for an 90 minutes.  Those who are working and still need to leave at 7am are welcome to do so.  The 6pm Bootcamp will run as normal for 60 minutes.

Local Flood Victims Fundraiser

On 5th February we will be holding a fund raising Bootcamp for local flood victims.  Donations will be taken and this Bootcamp WILL NOT be debited to our Bootcamp Packages.  Please note that it will be held at Base Camp, not at the Hockey Oval as is the usual practice on Saturdays.

Please spread the word about this important event.  We want to raise enough money to make a difference and I’m pretty sure that everyone you know will know someone who was affected by all the recent rain and the damage it caused.  We will run all the beginner modifications for anyone attending for the first time to support the cause.  So do whatever you can to get your buddies here.

FitterFaster For Running

The formal running of this program will conclude next Thursday 27th January.  We’ve had a great bunch of Bootcampers doing these sessions and I congratulate you all on your efforts.  I really encourage you all to continue meeting and doing this session together.  I’m not sure what’s going to pan out for me on Thursdays (more details below) but I will also join you if I’m able.

Semi Private Training Sessions

With one more free session to go on Saturday, I think I can say these sessions have been a great success.

Everyone has departed with parting words like “that was fantastic,” or “I really, really enjoyed that.”  I’ve also received several emails thanking me for the great workout etc.

I did run the same session for each of these with just a sample of some of the types of things we’ll be doing in these sessions.  Once these are up and running, they’ll be tailored much more to individual goals, weaknesses, strengths and wants.  The generic sample session you’ve all experienced hopefully gave you a taste of the extra support, guidance and push you would receive in a semi private training session.

These will become my premium product if you like and hopefully those who take up the packages will also attend Bootcamp for the fantastic benefits that can only be achieved in the larger group sessions too.

I won’t go into full details at this stage, but remember that these sessions can be tailored for beginners right through to those with superior fitness levels so are suitable for everyone. Beginners may even prefer to start with these sessions and then move on to Bootcamp once they’ve built a base level of fitness.

For a start, there’ll be 2 packages offered:

  • Semi Private Coaching only-3 semi private coaching sessions each week for 10 weeks.  Included full personalised nutrition plan.  Priced at $25 per person per session paid in 10 week blocks
  • Hybrid Semi Private and Bootcamp-2 semi private coaching sessions each week PLUS unlimited Bootcamps for 10 weeks.  Also includes full personalised nutrition plan and the expectation that you will attend at least one Bootcamp each week (to make up minimum 3 attendances at FitterFaster each week)  Priced at $75 per week per person.

Each semi private coaching session will have a maximum of 4 clients at one time.

I’ll get you a list of available times for coaching in the next couple of days, but if you or anyone you know is interested in the meantime, please let me know by calling me on 0429 612975 or emailing me at

Train hard



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