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Private Training Sessions have begun

To launch what will become a regular thing at FitterFaster soon, I am offering all current Bootcamp clients the chance to enjoy a free 60 minute semi-private coaching session over the next 2 weeks.

To book your free session, please place your name on your preferred time slot on the list in the gym at FitterFaster.  There’s 5 times left, so take advantage of this.  It’s free and it’s absolutely no obligation.  I just want as many people as possible to experience this new service before I launch it to the public.

There will be between 2-4 participants in each Coaching Session.  These sessions are great for beginners who can learn the ropes, and get individual guidance and attention to detail without worrying about what the rest of the group is doing.  They can then move on to Bootcamp, or continue on with Private Coaching-whichever they prefer.

Semi-private coaching is also ideal for those who already have a high level of fitness, but want to push it further.  You may have certain goals in mind or you may just want an individual coaching session where you will be pushed to your limits with no where to hide.  It’s also an ideal way to work on any issues you may have, or to get in a great workout while working around any rehab problems.

Rehabilitation is also another reason to attend semi-private sessions.  You may be at a stage where you’re unable to attend Bootcamp either temporarily, or permanently, but still want to get in an effective, challenging and results based training session.  I’m able to coach different drills that just don’t work in the larger group situation.

At 6am this morning, we ran our first semi-private session.  We actually had 5 participants which is one more than I would eventually like to have, but it worked really well regardless.  Everyone had a fantastic session, beginning with the more ‘technical’ strength work and ending with high intensity metabolic work.  All participants put in a super effort with no one at any time ‘slacking’ even though it was stinking hot and very muggy.

The pictures in this post are from parts of that session.

Most Personal Training sessions concentrate on weights which is great for a beginner or if you want strength development to be your main focus.  There’s usually a bit of ‘fat burning’ cardio chucked in if you’re lucky too.  This may get you some results in the short term, but if you want better results, and if you want them to continue, you will need to add more into every session.

If you want to really improve your body composition, you need a mix of strength work, aerobic conditioning and high intensity metabolic conditioning.  I focus on all these areas in every coaching session.  FitterFaster Bootcamp is also based on this theory.

If you’re training on your own, you need to bare this in mind also.  To have great all round fitness, function and a lean body, work on your strength, your aerobic fitness and your anaerobic fitness.  Don’t neglect any part of this trio, or you’ll end up being disappointed in the long term.

So come on all FitterFaster clients.  Get your name down for one of the free coaching sessions.  Even if you have no intention of making this a permanent part of your fitness program, it’s a great opportunity for a free session.

There’s places left today (Thursday 13th) Monday 17th, Tuesday 18th, Thursday 20th and Saturday 22nd. There’s only room for 4 clients in each session so don’t miss out.




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