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It’s a New Year

Happy New Year everyone

What a wonderful start to 2011-great weather, great friends, a great 90 minute Bootcamp session this morning-what more could we ask for?

In the email I sent out yesterday, I hinted about some goals I have for the coming year.   As I said in that letter, I’m not actually into New Years Resolutions, but seeing as it just happens to be the start of a new year, why not set some new goals anyway.

The first thing I really want to work on, is continuing to improve FitterFaster for all my fantastic clients.  I’ve surveyed you all (please reply soon if you haven’t already) and have come up with some ideas to make it better for everyone.  I’ve even implemented some of the ideas already, which I’ll explain later.

My new mantra is: to make your visit to FitterFaster the best part of your day.

I intend to do this by continuing to provide Results Based programs, closely monitoring your progress (and hopefully doing more regular assessments especially for those of you that put them off) offering more shorter, intense programs for different fitness levels, continuing with FitterFasterStronger and more.

We will also reintroduce the ‘Hard N Up’ challenges at Bootcamp on a semi-regular basis, but this time, being timed or counting up your reps will be optional.  If you don’t want to participate in the POW of the day, you will complete it as a drill only (like any other drill or exercise at Bootcamp.)  Those that want the extra challenge, will race against the clock and your best previous performances.  I can’t wait to see your results compared to your last attempt at some of these challenging physical tests.

Through the diary system, I will also be monitoring your nutrition and your between Bootcamp training levels.  Those who make the most effort, will achieve the best results.  It really is that simple.  So as previously noted ALL BOOTCAMPERS WILL SUBMIT 7 DAY TRAINING AND 2 DAY NUTRITION DIARIES EVERY WEEK from January 1st.  Please submit your diaries at by midnight each Saturday.  I will comment on all diaries as they are submitted.  Please note that simple changes to your frequency or intensity of training or tweaks to your daily diet can make all the difference in achieving your goals.

Something else I’m putting into place from now, is a strict progression system for newbies (new bootcampers.)  I’m know that this will help alleviate some of the anxiety experienced by new attendees as they attempt to keep up with all the longer term clients at their first few sessions.  It will also reduce the amount of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness-you know, that can’t sit on the toilet feeling) that newbies experience and also lay a much better foundation for fitness improvements without injury.

Each new Bootcamper will have to go through a series of progressions, regardless of their previous fitness or sporting history.  Restrictions such as modifying drills, taking extra mandatory breaks, partnering up with either the lead trainer, assistant trainer (where applicable) or an experienced Bootcamper chosen by the trainer will be closely monitored.

So no matter what level of fitness you are beginning at, you will have to go through the full progression series regardless.  This will prevent newer Bootcampers feeling like they have to ‘do the whole thing’ or ‘keep up with everyone else,’ but believe me, will not reduce the benefits from the Bootcamp workout.  In fact, progression will be quicker as you will have less set backs due to soreness and/or injury/fatigue.

Other goals I have for the year, are more personal.  I’m beginning a new phase of training for me where I’m going to get a lot more done in less time.  So, I’m committing to the 4 Bootcamp sessions that I run and also to do at least one other one each week which is run by one of the other trainers.  I know I miss a lot of you because I don’t attend many evening sessions, and I’d really like to catch up with you all more often.

I’m also going to do more running now that my calf has fully mended, so am going to commit to running 30km+ each week which will consist of running on my own and also on Sundays with anyone who is interested.  I will most likely continue to run at 7am on Sundays, so if you’d like to join me, let me know.  I’m up for any distance and can do loops or ‘out and backs’ if you’re still building your running fitness.

I am also committing myself to one strength session as a minimum each week.  Hopefully most weeks this will be FitterFasterStronger with Leigh, but on weeks where this is not possible, I will make sure I get the session done on my own.

So now I’ve shared some of my goals, how about you commit yours to paper too.  You don’t have to share yours with the world, but it would be useful if you at least wrote them down for yourself.  Writing them down makes them more ‘real,’ and if you’d like to share them on the forum, record them in your training/nutrition diary to help keep you accountable.

They don’t have to be some giant goal like running a marathon or losing 30kgs.  Like mine, you could commit to process goals that will lead you closer to your ultimate destination.  Work out the missing link that has prevented you from achieving in the past and get started on the journey to your goals.  It could be something as simple as cutting out take away food, preparing lunches at home, getting up earlier on non-bootcamp days and doing a short home workout or just getting along to Bootcamp more often.

You can all achieve fantastic results like many, many FitterFaster clients did this year.  Losing excess fat and keeping it off is an amazing feeling.  Being back in control of your own health and fitness is worth the effort it takes, and the fitter and healthier you become, the fitter and healthier you want to be.  Each step that seemed so humongous when you started out, just becomes a habit and seems like nothing.

Let us know what you’re going to do this year to improve your own health.  It’s in your own hands, just take the steps required and you can achieve it too.

Lastly, we need to set a date for the next Fit Girl/Fit Guy Challenge and also the Battle of the Bragging Rights-train the trainers day.  Please let me know if you won’t be available on any Sunday over the next month and I’ll try to organise these for a day that suits as many as possible.  Perhaps the Train the Trainers day could be held in conjunction with a Saturday morning Bootcamp?





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