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Your Genes don’t make you fat

There was once 2 people who decided that they were going to lose weight together.

One sat up late that night and made a huge wish.  “Please let this be the plan that helps me lose this weight once and for all.  Please make sure that if I do lose this belly, that I can keep it off this time.”

The other one sat down on the bed as well that night.  She however, made a plan.  She wrote down everything she was going to eat for the rest of the week.  She wrote a shopping list so that the next day, she could go out and get prepared.  She went back down to the kitchen and cleaned all the junk out of her cupboard and lastly, she got her calendar down from the wall and planned when she would was going to do her training.

The next day started off well for both ladies.  (Okay, I’m being sexist-they could have been men)  They both sat down for a breakfast of eggs with various vegies-tomatoes, mushrooms etc.  They both skipped the orange juice and cereal that they’d eaten for years (apparently low fat really wasn’t the way to go)

The first lady then thought to herself, “going well so far.  Please help keep me on track.” And she crossed her fingers for good luck.

The second lady headed out to the supermarket to purchase everything she’d written on her list the night before.  Lots of lean meats and fish, fruits and vegetables, some nuts and seeds for snacks and some yoghurt and cottage cheese as alternative protein sources.  When she returned home, she made herself a morning tea of fruit and yoghurt-as per her meal plan.

The first lady however, was hearing the biscuits in the cupboard calling loudly “Eat me, eat me!’ and it was just too much.  “One won’t hurt-it’s only 80 calories,” she thought to herself.  “I’ll go for a walk and burn that off in no time.”

The day continued on.  The first lady went for a quick walk around the block and promised herself that she’d do that again later for good measure.  Lady number 2 completed her first 20 minute work out on the back verandah as planned.  She worked up quite a sweat by doing mountain climbers, step ups on the stairs, planks and lots of lunges and squats.  Afterwards, she cooked a lovely tea for her family in 15 minutes-poached chicken breast and salad-YUM.

Lady number 1 decided to skip tea as she’d eaten a bit much at afternoon tea after eating a tiny lunch and only that biscuit during the morning.  She also didn’t have time for her walk as she’d left preparing her tea for her family till the last minute and had to race out to the take away shop due to the lack of time it would take to prepare a meal at home.

Of course, by 8pm, she was starving, so she made herself a hot chocolate (low fat-of course) and ate ‘just 3’ tiny chocolates, afterall, she’d been so good today, skipping tea and all!

Each day continued on in a similar fashion.  And each day, the first lady promised to do better the next day.  By the 5th day, she’d decided that she hadn’t been doing so well and would start over again on Monday.  The second lady however, stuck to her plan and crossed off each training session and each meal as she completed it.

At the end of the week, they got together and discussed how they’d faired.

The first lady spoke of how hard it had been, but she’d done pretty well, at least at first.  She’d walked a couple of times and had even done a workout one day on a DVD.  She’d been pretty sore since though, so she’d decided to be ‘careful’ and was waiting till next week to do another one, just in case she did too much, too soon.

She said she’d been pretty hungry in the evenings and just couldn’t stop herself from having her late night supper before bed.  But it was okay, because there isn’t any fat in her low calorie chocolate drink.  And 3 squares of chocolate is fine-much better than the half a block she used to have.  She’d also switched to Diet Cola, just to give her that energy boost and to stop her from eating something ‘bad’  during the day. On Monday, she’d start over and would do better next week.

The second lady was also feeling a bit sore from her training.  In fact, she had been having a hard time getting off the toilet earlier in the week.  She was however, starting to feel better now and had much more energy than usual-which surprised both of them.   They both thought that all that exercise should have been making her more tired, but instead, had had the opposite effect.  Her pants were already feeling looser and she was also sleeping better.  Another side effect of healthy eating and intense training.

She proudly showed her calendar off to her friend with a big red cross over each day.  Each cross symbolised how she’d stuck to her plan completely for that day and she told her friend how when she had 28 crosses in a row, her husband was going to treat her to a massage.

The first lady commented about her overweight parents and how she had ‘fat genes’ to contend with.  Unlike the 2nd lady, who was the only overweight person in her family.  “I’m fighting a losing battle,” she explained. “It’s much easier for you, you don’t have bad genes like me. Even my kids have the same genes, but I just don’t know what to do about them either, they seem to need bigger clothes every month.  I guess we just have to live with it”

I could go on, but I think you get the point.

Your genes do not dictate the state of your health and what you weigh.

It’s the lifestyle choices YOU make each day that make you how you are.

If you think  YOU are entirely responsible for your own situation, then you will achieve success.

If you believe that your circumstances or someone else is to blame, even in the smallest way, you will fail.

Make the choice to do something about how you look and feel.

Make the choice to make better choices.

Make the choice to drop excuses like:

  • It’s in my genes
  • I’ve inherited these big thighs
  • It’s too hard with kids
  • I’ll start next week
  • It’s harder once you’re over 30 or 40 or whatever
  • It’s no use starting this week, I’ve got ……….on
  • I don’t have time
  • My job doesn’t allow it
  • I don’t get breaks at work, I couldn’t possibly follow a plan
  • My husband………………
  • I have that stuff around for my kids and I just can’t resist it
  • I don’t want to cook separate meals for me
  • It’s natural to put on weight as you get older
  • I’ll start Monday
  • I’ll start after the wedding
  • I’ll start in the New Year
  • I can’t afford it
  • I’ll start after all these Christmas functions
  • I don’t have the right equipment
  • I don’t like fruit
  • My shifts change at work, it’s too hard to fit it in
  • My situation is different to everyone else’s-poor me!!

The key to success is to decide to change.

Only you can make the decision.

A trainer or coach can show you the most effective workouts.

You can be shown what to eat and when.

Myths can be dispelled and facts given, but only YOU can decide to implement the steps necessary into YOUR life.

Don’t wait until the New Year.  Start today, start right now.  Do something every day to get you closer to where you want to be.  Make a plan and stick with it.  It’s THE ONLY WAY to ensure success.  It doesn’t happen by accident.

If you’d like to get started straight away on your plan, email me today to see how you can get your first 21 days at FitterFaster for just $21.

Merry Christmas



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