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Maintaining Fat Loss Results

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Having completed all the assessments for AMPED 2.0 the results have been amazing.  Fat losses between 2 and 10 kgs in only 6 weeks is pretty good going in anybodies books.  The participants with the lesser losses were also those with little to lose in the first place.  Well done to everyone!

Now that you move onto back into ‘real life,’ a lot of you are worried about how to maintain these fantastic losses.  Following the tips below will ensure that you not only maintain, but could quite possibly continue to lose over the long term, if you’ve got more fat to lose that is.




  1. Continue to leave grains out of your daily diet. Grain foods cause inflammation and bloating in your body-yes, even if you do not suffer from diagnosed celiac disease.  If you leave grains out of your nutrition plan on a daily basis, the occasional indulgence will wreak much less havoc on your entire system.  So leave grains for those special occasions when you just can’t pass up that piece of cake or whatever other treat you like to indulge in-occasionally!!!
  2. Monitor your intake of dairy.  1 or 2 serves of yoghurt or cottage cheese per day is plenty.  One serve is 100-150g of either.  The larger serve being for men and very active woman.  Too much dairy also challenges your immune system like grains do
  3. If you like, you can continue your fasting as per the AMPED 2.0 protocols. Once every week or two take a 24 hour fast as you did during  the program.  This is not a necessity however, but I find it useful for occasions like boxing day when I may have overindulged slightly the day before.  Just be careful not to get into the habit of ‘pigging out’ and then fasting to make up for it.  Regularly deviating from a healthy nutrition plan will cause you to put weight on-hey that’s how you put it on in the first place.
  4. Continue to eat every 3 hours during the day.  Base each meal and snack around a protein source, coupled with some fruit or vegies/salad.
  5. Limit fruit to a couple of serves each day-and always with protein or some fat.  Fruit and yoghurt, fruit and nuts, fruit and cottage cheese.  All great choices, but 2 serves per day is plenty.  Although fruit has many health benefits (and is always a better choice than junk/grain/processed foods) it can cause spikes in insulin levels in your body especially if eaten on its own.  The only exception to this rule is within 30 mins before or after training.  You can eat fruit on its own at this time due to the effect that training hard has on insulin production.
  6. Keep training consistently and regularly. Even short 20 minute sessions of high intensity will keep you burning calories at a high rate all day.  It’s been proven over and over again, that people who keep training maintain their fat losses unlike those who just diet.  So do something most days of the week and do it with intensity.  FitterFaster Home Workouts are ideal on days you can’t come to Bootcamp or as a second workout for the day.  Training up to 3 times per day is one of the key protocols of AMPED 2.0 that resulted in the fantastic fat losses that were recorded.
  7. Only eat foods that have not been processed. If it flew, swam or ran or you could pick it, dig it up or grow it, it’s probably okay. If however it has an ingredient list, it most likely should be off the menu.  Great food choices are: lean meats of any kind, like fish, chicken, lamb, beef, turkey, seafood or other game, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, eggs and yoghurt and cottage cheese in smaller quantities.

Healthy eating does take some planning.  A couple of generations ago, we thought nothing of having to plan meals and snacks.  Food just wasn’t available on every corner like it is now.  Everyone packed lunch and had to prepare their evening meals.  We’ve gotten very lazy and think we are hard done by if we actually have to cook or organise something ourselves.  Once you get in the routine of eating regularly and choosing healthy foods, it becomes much easier.  Get your whole family in on it and you will all benefit.

So what about Christmas Day?  Let your hair down a bit.

Eat a healthy protein based breakfast and choose fruit and yoghurt (or similar) for morning tea.  If eating lunch at home, do the same and keep your meal light and healthy.  Then when tea time hits, you can have a bit of everything.  Of course if Christmas lunch is your thing, make sure you still eat a light, protein based tea afterwards.

Avoid wasteful choices like soft drinks and lollies and ‘save’ all the extra calories for lovely food choices and some of those special desserts.  Stay away from the nuts served beforehand as these add humongous amounts of fat and calories on their own.   Likewise with other snack foods like chips etc.  As I said before, save the ‘pigging out’ for the yummy food served for lunch/tea.

Have a lovely Christmas everyone.  And don’t forget to plan your Bootcamp attendances keeping in mind that we won’t be doing Bootcamp on Christmas Day.  On Monday 27th Bootcamp will be held at 9,30am only and will run for 90 minutes.  Come along and enjoy the extra challenge of a bonus 30 minutes.




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