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Fantastic Fat Loss Results

As I advised on Saturday via email, I’ve started post AMPED 2.0 and Full Throttle Fitness assessments.

I just couldn’t wait to let you know that after completing just 7 assessments, we are up to 36.4kgs and 147cms in losses over just 6 weeks!!!

The results have been amazing (again) to say the least.  A quick tally sees Dee as having lost the most weight during the 6 week program.  A huge 9.6kgs in fact!!  Following closely behind were Darren and Denise who both lost approx. 7 kgs each and Raelene with her 5kg loss!!

As I said yesterday, these are seasoned Bootcampers, who have already had big reductions in body fat over the past months.  This is not the ‘water weight’ loss that many people initially see especially when considerably overweight to begin with.  These guys are fit, healthy individuals who have taken their results to the next level by following strict training and nutrition protocols and knowing that it comes down to the details.

And to make it even better, this is at the time of the year when most people assume that weight gain is inevitable.  That all the partying, drinking, great food and social occasions mean that you will put on weight whether you like it or not.

So stay tuned for the rest of the results and also some tips on how to maintain these fantastic fat loss results.

And don’t forget the 21 days of fitness and fat loss for $21 promotion.  It’s available to all new clients and can also be purchased as a gift voucher to give as a little pressie with huge benefits to someone special.  The 21 day package entitles the holder to unlimited Bootcamps for a full 21 days.

Merry Christmas



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