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It’s almost Christmas!!


I can’t believe how quickly Christmas has come around this year.  It’s such a busy time and it can be hard to fit everything in, relax, catch up with friends AND still look after yourself.  It’s really important to find some time out for yourself, even if it’s just to get into bed a bit earlier on most nights of the week.  Adding a lack of sleep to your list, is a recipe for disaster at this time of year especially.

So what’s on for your Christmas Day?  We are hopefully spending the day at home this year.  We are having Christmas tea here and I have my fingers crossed that it will be hot so we can all have a swim and spend the evening outdoors with all the kids.  I can’t wait to cook up a storm and decorate in preparation.

We had a great week at Bootcamp this past week.   Lots of attendances, everyone working really, really hard.  It’s fantastic to see the newbies working hard too and improving every day.  Everyone is so encouraging of the newer Bootcampers and it makes for a fantastic atmosphere while training hard.

This week is a ‘cardio’ focus week.  So less weights and more focus on raising our heart rates and torching some calories.  This will allow a bit extra recovery from the extra strength work from the previous week.  Don’t expect to ignore the kettlebells all week though.  There’ll still be a mix, with a shift in focus.

This morning we extended both the number of sets and the length of sets in some of our usual drills.  Everyone stepped up to the plate and got it done without complaint.  Pushing that bit harder, longer, further or faster is what gets you improvements.  So if you’re just beginning, or you’ve been training for a longer time, make sure you extend yourself regularly if you want to see changes.


A nice simple one this week with a bit of a strength focus to complement our Bootcamp workouts.

30 seconds of each exercise for 8 rounds:

  • pop squats
  • plank

Rest 2 minutes and do 30 seconds again of the following drills for another 8 rounds:

  • star jump squats
  • belly blasters

Easy.  Enjoy!!!

Don’t forget to get your diaries in each week to me by Saturday evening.  Writing down what you are doing keeps you on track.  You know for sure what you’ve done (or not done) each week and can see for yourself why your not getting results if you’ve been slacking.   On the other hand, if you’ve been training really hard and really regularly, it can be very rewarding to record it and see your progress on paper.

I’m sure you’ll agree that there’s been some amazing changes in some of the Bootcampers recently.  Of particular note, Denise and Raelene, Cheryl and Darren, all of whom have been making an amazing effort lately to overcome plateaus and get better results.  Well done!!

See you all at Bootcamp this week.  I hope to get to some of the evening sessions a bit more regularly over the coming weeks being school holidays.  A special thanks also to Tatiana, Tara and Leigh for doing such a great job when I’m not there and also to Tania who keeps all the paperwork up to date for me.  THANK YOU!!!

Merry Christmas






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