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Wow, it’s a busy time of year.  Plenty of break ups, celebrations, parties and other occasions to get together with friends, family and colleagues.  Well done to everyone who is still finding time to look after their health and fitness by scheduling in training time and planning ahead for meals and snacks no matter what the occasion.

AMPED 2.0 and Full Throttle Fitness are about 30 days in with only a couple of weeks to go.  I’ve had reports of weight losses of up to 5kgs so far and that’s only from those who are telling. That’s 5kgs in just 30 days!!  Anyone who knows the participants would have to agree that they are looking fantastic.  The dedication they are showing is amazing to say the least.

Criss Cringle

We are running a Criss Cringle at FitterFaster.  If you’d like to be involved, please put your name on the list in the gym before the end of the week.  I’ll put all the names into a box and you can draw one out.  All gifts (limit $10) must be purchased and back in the gym by 17th December for giving out at Bootcamp.  I think this is a fun way to celebrate the season.

Christmas Special Deal

We just had a huge give away/discount month in October, so for December I’ve decided to give away a $50 Voucher to anyone who purchases a full priced Bootcamp Package before Christmas.  These vouchers will not have an expiry date, and can be used by yourself or given to someone else as a gift.

A FitterFaster Bootcamp Package would also make a great Christmas gift as well.  Or what about a t-shirt or singlet or even a gift voucher.  Gift vouchers can be purchased via Paypal on the website, or from myself direct.

Home Workout

Seeing I haven’t sent a weekly update email this week, your Home Workout has to be included here.  This one is a really short training session that I would really like to see some more of you have a go at.  It’s a simple circuit that was part of Bootcamp this morning.  Get out your diary and plan when you will do your training for the entire week ahead.  Book the sessions in like any other appointment and keep them.

  • 30 secs burpees
  • 30 secs star jump squats
  • 30 secs pop squats
  • 30 secs renegade rows
  • 30 secs rest

Why not squeeze this in just before you shower to go out for dinner as a metabolism boost.  You’ll feel better for doing it and will boost your results at the same time.  The key to these really short training sessions, is to go hard the whole time.  Make yourself work at maximum intensity while still keeping good form.  I find when training on my own that working if front of a mirror or window reflection is vital to make sure I’m not cheating or using bad form.


Those who receive my print newsletter in the mail can expect it this week.  I’ve included some ways to prevent the Christmas season weight gain that everyone can and should include.  Although it may seem like it’s inevitable that you will put weight on, I beg to differ.  Think bigger than that and enter the New Year fitter, leaner and healthier rather than fatter, lazier and less energetic.  If you do not receive my newsletter and live in the Maryborough District, please email me your address details and I’ll make sure you get your copy.

Battle of the Bragging Rights

We still hadn’t set a date for this Bootcampers against the Trainers challenge session.  After a discussion with Darren (who won the right to lead the Bootcampers team by attending the most Bootcamps during October) December 18th was stated as a possible date.  Please, please respond and let me know if you would be available on this date to either participate (a great workout is assured) or support either team.  You can respond by commenting to this post, or via email direct to me.

Upcoming programs

Please let me know if you’d be interested in me starting FitterFaster for Running again.  I’m thinking a session of up to about 30-40 mins on a Thursday morning at 6.15am.  The program will run for about 8 weeks and will involve slowly building up distance till hopefully all participants can run 5km.  It was very successful this time last year.  FitterFaster for Running will be open to FitterFaster clients only and will run free of charge.  If I don’t get a response, I will assume that no one is interested and the program will not go ahead.

I’ve got some new ideas for shorter term programs in the New Year. AMPED and AMPED 2.0 have been very successful, so will run again for sure. Full Throttle Fitness has also been very enthusiastically received so should be back on the calendar next year as well.  As well as them, I’d also like to run some programs for improving overall fitness beyond Bootcamp levels and in a more specific way for different sports or sporting events.  If you’ve got any ideas or special requests, please let me know.  Even if we need to get in specialist coaches to run some of these, that’s something I’m willing to look at to make FitterFaster even better.

I’d also like to encourage some of you to have a go at a triathlon.  Our local club holds beginner distance events each month.  If you’re interested in this, let me know and I’ll see how we could work FitterFaster for Triathlon into the programming as well.

Finally, I’ve been thinking about this for a long, long time, but would like to introduce some yoga at FitterFaster.  I’m thinking more a Power Yoga type class that would focus on strength and flexibility as well as include a relaxation component.  Please let me know if this would be of interest to you as well.


FitterFasterStronger has been going for about 3 months now and I’ve enjoyed it very much.  It runs at 6pm on a Monday night as is open to all FitterFaster clients who prebook as per the guidelines on my website. Our first round of participants have completed their 10 week program, but I will be continuing the sessions on till the end of Full Throttle Fitness.  All Full Throttle participants are welcome to attend till their 6 week program is complete.  These sessions will be counted as a Bootcamp from your package.  Let me know if you’ll be coming along.  Cheryl attended her first Strength Bootcamp last week as part of FTF and had a fantastic workout with Leigh and I.  It’s amazing how far one can go with encouragement.  After the 18th, this program will not contnue to run unless we have further enrollments.

Dream Big


DREAM BIG-the sky's the limit

I’ve spoken a lot recently about setting goals and I know it seems tedious, but it really is the only way to accomplish something effectively.  A goal without a plan is really just a wish.  And I’m afraid no amount of wishing on a star is going to get you the body of your dreams.

Write down what you’d like to achieve.  You don’t have to share it with anyone.  If you secretly want to do a triathlon, have a go at a power lifting competition, be able to run 10kms or see your abs.  Don’t think that you can’t do it just because you’ve haven’t been able to in the past.

Today is a new day.  I know you can do these things and I can show you how.  I can help you make that plan and make sure you stick with it.  Aim high and make your goals worth achieving.  If it takes 6 months, a year or 4 years.  It doesn’t matter.  If you have a plan, you know where you’re headed and the road you need to take to get there.

Don’t settle for small goals that are possibly easier to achieve.  Thinking bigger makes it worth while striving for.  I remember when I first told some friends I’d like to do a half ironman.  They thought I was crazy!  I thought I was crazy!  2km swim, 90km cycle and 21km run.  What was I thinking.  I could barely swim one lap of the indoor pool at the time and had barely been able to run 5km without stopping.  I had 4 little kids at home to attend to and no experience what so ever.

But that didn’t stop me.  I battled along for a while using various online training programs that I found and purchased many books on the subject.  I just didn’t seem to be improving that much, although I did teach myself to swim properly.

After almost changing my mind and deciding that maybe this dream was a bit too big, I finally hired a coach.  This was the major turning point for me.  Although I knew what to do, training intensities, planning and other preparation.  Having a coach made execution of that plan so much easier.  He told me what to do and when.  The plan wasn’t that much different to what I’d been doing, but what was different was the consistency of my training.

I had to report to him each week with feedback on each session as well as how I was feeling etc.  This made so much difference, that I went on to do 6 half ironmans while having another baby as well.  I cannot stress how much difference having a coach made to my plans.  Accountability and support from this man that I’d never even met ensured that I never wavered from my plan.  Making excuses to myself was one thing, but having to tell him that I slept through the alarm or hadn’t had as much sleep as I would have liked would have been much harder.

So please, if you’ve got something you want to achieve, find someone who has done it themselves and knows what is involved in preparing, planning, executing and delivering the desired outcome.  And listen to them!!

I hope you all have a great week.

Train hard, eat well and see yourself transform.



One response

  1. Raelene

    Hi Jo,
    Would be interested in the running, need to get back into it as I have not done much since Ballarat, as i would still like to run/walk a marathon one day 🙂

    December 5, 2010 at 5:49 pm

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