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‘Full Throttle Fitness’ and more ‘AMPED 2.0’ details

My recent post advising that AMPED 2.0 is on the horizon, had probably the most comments I’ve ever received from a blog post.  Some you can read for yourself below, but most, I received via email.

Apart from much interest in accelerated fatloss, which is what AMPED is all about, there was also a lot of interest from those who although they may not have much, if any, fat to lose, they heard so much great feedback from the first round of participants, that they want in as well.

Samara Before

Samara after losing 8kgs and 39cm in 6 weeks

As you all are most likely aware, AMPED is a fat loss focused program.  Nutrition and training are aligned to elicit a particular response from your body-that is-fat loss!

Full Throttle Fitness on the other hand, is the program I’m working on which focuses on improving all round fitness.

Both programs will have a cross over effect.  That is: AMPED will result in fitness increases and if you have fat to lose, Full Throttle Fitness will help you strip it, but each will have a different main focus.  Choosing one or the other, will depend on your main goal/s.

Here are some further details for those who’ve asked questions:


What’s in it for me?

  1. Massive fat loss results.  Just check out the guys that completed the first round.
  2. Overall the first round of participants (there were 13 of them) lost 314cm and 69kgs in just 6 weeks.
  3. Improved fitness levels and more energy
  4. Better looking skin-that’s to go with your better looking body!
  5. A new body for Christmas, New Year and other holiday functions

How does it work? Without giving away all details, here is the outline.  AMPED 2.0 will vary from the first program, but will generally work in the same way.

  • Multiple training sessions on most days.  Few total rest days.
  • Strict nutrition with a cycle focus.
  • Minimum attendance at Bootcamp of 3 sessions per week.  Other training sessions will consist of longer home workouts and ‘shorter’ home training sessions.
  • A set of hand weight required for home use.  Woman will need a set of 3kg – 5kg hand weights and men 5kg set of hand weight or more.  Max 7-8kg DB for men
  • Absolutely no substitutions or missing of training sessions.  Nutrition to be followed strictly
  • Only open to those that have absolute minimum of 5kg of bodyfat to lose.
  • Entire program delivered online via ‘members only’ group on forum. No exceptions.
  • Diaries are required online.  Daily nutrition logging and workout/training results are to be recorded on forum.  If you don’t have 10 mins in your day to do this, you won’t be able to find the time to train either.  Runs for 6 weeks.
  • Assessments to be completed prior to commencement on 7th November and then again on 18th December.  Before and Afters to be taken by me as well.
  • Go to to post your intention to participate

Full Throttle Fitness

What’s in it for me?

  1. Improved fitness levels.  Testing with a fitness challenges will prove this. This is not a beginners program.
  2. Much more energy, better sleep
  3. Fat loss as well, although not the main focus, this will be a secondary benefit due to training volume and nutrition
  4. More strength and endurance.
  5. Better recovery ability
  6. Great program for ‘pre-season’ fitness for any sport-be the fittest you’ve ever been.
  • Multiple training sessions on set days, single training sessions on others.  More rest days than AMPED included to allow for recovery and fitness improvements.  Don’t take this as this program being easier though.  Training will be tough, and there will be lots of training!!!
  • Minimum attendance at Bootcamp of 4 times per week-this program is for those that want to step up a level or two!!  Other training sessions to be completed at home.
  • Strict nutrition plan also included.  Will concentrate more on meal timing to speed recovery from training and thus facilitate better fitness improvements.
  • Daily logging of nutrition and training also required on this program.  ‘Members only’ group will be set up on forum for your use.
  • Assessments, before and afters and fitness ‘test’ to be completed in week prior to commencement.  Further testing to be completed halfway through program and then again at the end.  This program will commence on November 13th and finish on December 24th.  (6 weeks) Final testing to be completed in week between Christmas and New Year at Bootcamp or at another agreed and set time.
  • Go to to post your intention to participate

Will I be able to do it?

The short answer is yes, you will.  With a commitment for the 6 week’s you’ll discover that you are capable of doing much more than you thought possible.  The easiest way to get through both of these programs is to ‘Just Do It!’  Get up 20 minutes earlier and fit a workout in then.  Lots of the training sessions take only 10-15 mins and can be completed while tea cooks, while the kids are showering or in the bath, while watching your favourite TV shows, on your lunch break or with your kids outside on the weekend.

Last round’ s participants thought they wouldn’t be able to do it, but they did.  And they felt and looked great for it.  If you know any of them, you’d have to admit that they look amazing.  Being only 6 weeks long and having a set end date makes it all the more manageable for most people.  Being accountable to me and the other participants with daily diary keeping and Bootcamp attendances will really help you stick with it and get the best results possible.

With either program, if you’re going to be away, they are still doable but I wouldn’t really advise it.  You must still have daily access to the internet (to download the program as it’s published and to upload your diaries)

You must also be willing to complete all set workouts (even though you are on holiday) and must also realise that doing all training sessions on your own will be an extra challenge.  Nutrition plans must also be strictly followed with a no excuses attitude.

What will it cost?

Bootcamps will be purchased as per usual and you can find details of all Bootcamp packages at There will be a separate fee for both 6 week programs which will give you everything you need to succeed.  If you’ve tried other programs, you may think that this won’t work either.  I guarantee the results for both of these programs as I do for all my programs.  If you follow the steps in the program, you cannot fail.

The cost for either 6 week program is $120 per person.  That’s just $20 per week to transform your body, your mind, your skin and yourself.

The only extra purchase needed is a set of dumb bells as detailed above.  You don’t need a treadmill, exercise bike or any other piece of fitness equipment.

You will not need to purchase multiple supplements, meal replacements or special diet pills.  A good quality protein supplement and fish oils(ask me for recommendations) are all that are required.  And most of you will be using these already.

If you are totally against protein supplements, you can even get by without one, but it will make it a bit harder to stick with the nutritional plan.  All meal plans consist of real, non processed foods that you can find in your supermarket of choice.

If you have further questions, or are unsure which program will suit you best, please email me at any time.  Likewise if you are nursing any injuries etc.

Act Now – minimum pre-attendance required

Non-bootcampers thinking about joining either of these programs must act NOW. There is a minimum requirement of 3 weeks regular attendance at Bootcamp prior to the commencement date of either program. Complete beginners without the 3 weeks minimum under their belts will need to wait till next year’s round.



3 responses

  1. Leigh Argall

    Jo, you can put me down for the the Full Throttle Fitness!!!

    October 21, 2010 at 6:40 am

  2. fitterfaster

    Make sure you guys visit the forum and put your expression of interest there for either of these programs.
    You’ll find the relevant ‘discussions’ in the Must Read/Action section

    October 21, 2010 at 6:42 am

  3. Lauren Jones

    My goal, to look fit and fab for my 30th on the 4th January! Motivation high to succeed

    October 29, 2010 at 8:17 am

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