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Only 81 days left to achieve your goals

Did you know that there’s only 81 days left of the year?  That’s less than 12 weeks-the ‘standard’ for body transformation programs!

Come New Years Eve, everyone, probably even yourself, will set new goals.  ‘I’ll lose 10kg by June,’ or ‘I’m going to exercise 3 times a week.’  Better yet, ‘I’m going to get fit enough to play …insert sport…’ ‘I’m cutting out junk food,’ or ‘I’m going to fit into these old jeans by Easter.’

It amazes me that everything has to be put off till the magical day – January 1st.  It’s like we think that something amazing happens that day and that goals will  be easier to achieve because we have a ‘fresh start in the New Year.’

It’s like saying you’re going on a diet Monday.  What is so magical about Monday??

The time to set new goals and work towards them is NOW.  It’s always NOW!

So let’s set our New Years Resolutions now.  Let’s get a head start and achieve our resolutions before December 31st.  Think of how much further ahead you’ll be be starting now.

Of course, traditionally, New Years Resolutions are destined to fail.  One reason is that you set too many goals or that your goals are too far out of reach.  You want them to be something worth achieving, but not so far into the future that you lose sight of them along the way.

So set one big goal and focus solely on that.  For a lot of you, it will be about weight or fat loss.  Instead of saying that you’re going to lose 15kgs, break it down and set your goal at 5-6 kg instead.  It’s a lot more achievable, but will still take focus and commitment.  Once you achieve that, you can work on the next 5kg.

So first of all, write down what it is you want to achieve.  This is something measurable, like a specific weight or cm loss, or a certain dress size or a certain distance you want to be able to run in a certain time for instance.  Setting  a time frame is also important.  Write down the date you will achieve your goal by.

Once you’ve worked out what it is you want to achieve, you need to write down the steps (or process goals) that you will need to take in order to get there.

Your process goals may be to: train at least 5 times per week, to eat 5 times per day, to cut out late night snacking or to drink 2 litres of water each day.   Each process goal must lead towards your major goals.  It’s no use setting goals that won’t help you in the long term.

Each week, you can tick off these process goals and either commit to them for another week as you work towards you main goal, or reassess and adjust them as you go.

I like to work in 7 day blocks.  I set the goals and stick with them for at least 7 days.  Adjusting in shorter time frames than that, at least for me, is really just doing whatever you feel like, not doing what it takes.  Each week as you achieve your process goals, it builds strength to stick with it for another week.  And all the while, you’re doing what it takes to achieve what it really is that you’d like to see at the end of it.

At the beginning of winter, we all shared our process goals on the FitterFaster forum.  I know for me, it made it a lot easier to stick with them knowing that I

had shared them with you.  I did go off track sometimes, but having them written down and posted in my kitchen was a constant reminder of what I needed to do to get where I’m going.

So make a list now.  Be sure that you really want to achieve the main goal you set.  If you don’t think you have the commitment to achieve that goal, rethink and perhaps set a different one.  As I said before, setting to large a goal initially, will most probably result in failure.  Taking smaller steps and achieving results in shorter time frames will keep you motivated to continue.

My new goals are:

Main goals:

  • achieve fat loss of 2kg by October 31st
  • be able to double snatch 2 x 16kg Kettlebells by December 31st
  • be able to do 5 unassisted chin ups by December 31st
  • be able to balance unaided on my hands (and possible walk) by December 31st

Process goals:

  • eat according to FitterFaster Results Blueprint
  • record food intake daily on forum (accountability)
  • train each week with workouts each that work towards my performance goals
  • train with Bootcampers 4 times per week (working towards fat loss)

If I am able to achieve any of my goals sooner than planned, I will reassess and set new ones.  If you’re not working towards something, it’s so easy to get lost and lose your way.  By setting main goals and then the process goals necessary to achieve them, you’ll have a much better chance of getting there.

Post your goals by commenting on this blog entry, or on the FitterFaster Forum.

If you’re goal includes losing fat and/or cm’s, make sure you book your assessment asap so that you know if you’re achieving or not.  If you don’t have a starting point, how will you know if you’re on track or not?

All Bootcampers are due for an assessment, so book today.



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