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New Family Packages (limited time only)

The past few weeks at Bootcamp have been fantastic.  Firstly, the weather is getting better at long last and we haven’t had frosts or heavy dew for ages.  Secondly, most, if not all,  Bootcampers have upped the intensity during training and this is fantastic.

This week we’ve focused mainly on what most refer to as ‘cardio’ training.   We’ve used less weights, but still use our body weight and have been doing lots of high intensity intervals.

Length of the work periods have varied, with some drills being completed in sets of 2-3 minutes and others in rounds of just 20 seconds.   Correspondingly, rest periods also vary.

There’s been loads of running, burpees, mountain climbers, leg switches, K and P’s and more.  We haven’t had the kettlebells out since last week!  I think everyone has really upped their efforts as we are trying to get our heart rates up high and keep them there for the duration of the set or sets.  We usually mix these types of intervals up with resistance exercises, but this week, we are pretty much sticking to this type of training to give us all a boost cardiovascular-wise.  Next week, we’ll focus a bit more on resistance work, therefore challenging our bodies to adapt and get fitter, stronger, leaner and faster.

I know there’s a few people who’d like to share their Bootcamp experience with someone from their immediate family so I’m opening up my Family Packages again for a short time.

These Bootcamp Packages are for two or more  immediate family members.

There’s a weekly fee (payable every 4 weeks by automatic debit) and it covers as many Bootcamps as the family members wish to attend.

There’s great savings to be made especially for those who like to attend more than 3 times per week.  The only catch is, you have to get your spouse, brother, sister, mum, dad, daughter or son to join up with you.  Actually that’s not a bad thing,  this gives you the opportunity to share your newfound fitness and health status with your loved ones.

The payments will be set up via Paypal and must be done by automatic debit only.

The cost per person is $30 per week.  So two family members equals $240 directly debited each 4 weeks.  Three family members equals $90 per week debited once every 4 weeks etc.

To take advantage of this Family Package, you must be immediate family members.  So no long lost second cousin’s, dad’s, step sister’s brother!!

The family members could be mother/daughter (think Marj and Nat) or husband and wife (Lisa and Brendan for instance) or even 2 siblings and their dad or whatever other combination you like.

If you’d like to take advantage of the Family Package, or would like more details, please call me or email me at

Purchases can be made via a special webpage set up on my website.  I will send you the link if you’re interested.

These packages will only be available till the end of our 2nd birthday celebratory month (which is October if you didn’t know)



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