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Is Your Training Working?

Before my clients get to a training session, they often feel nervous or anxious.   They know and understand that they will be training hard and giving an all out effort that day.  Even if they have an injury, they know we can usually work around it and they can still get an intense and effective training session in.  Afterwards, my clients feel as if they’ve had a great workout.

I look after all the details, such as making sure we’ve worked the entire body through different movements and drills.  That we’ve worked the cardiovascular system as well as stressed everyones’ muscles appropriately and worked on strength and strength endurance as well.

I make sure everyone is using correct technique and full range of motion and I work individually on different postural misalignments without the entire group usually even realising.   We have focus weeks-have you ever noticed?-where the training sessions may focus more on a particular fitness outcome.  Extra strength work, more interval work or a core, shoulder or leg focus.  It’s during these weeks and into the following week that a lot of clients can up their weights or get more reps into an interval session.  Da da….  they’ve broken through a plateau!

Most PT sessions with other trainers usually go something like this:

  • You either have to arrive 5-10 minutes early and warm yourself up on a piece of cardio equipment, or you spend the first 10 minutes of your session casually warming up on cardio equipment while the trainer chats, or even worse, leaves you to do something (I’m not sure what)
  • You then proceed to the weights area where you are taken through a series of sets of 10 or so reps of some exercises with little or no intensity while you chat away together about your weekend.
  • You hardly ever get to failure on any lifts and spend a lot of time sitting on your butt while ‘working out.’  There’s very little if any progression from week to week, although if you’re lucky, you will do different exercises at each session.
  • Every now and again, you may be taken back over to the ‘cardio’ area where you again, pedal, walk or climb casually in ‘fat burning’ mode while the trainer chats some more or once again leaves you alone for a few minutes.
  • When it’s over, you are most likely advised to do some more ‘cardio’ to finish and also to do another round of ‘fat burning’ intensity cardio sometime between now and your next PT session.

It’s really no wonder that most people get so little out of their PT sessions.  There’s usually no advice or follow up regarding nutrition and no accountability as to what the client is doing between PT sessions.  There’s not a lot of cross over to every day activities or sport when using machines for the bulk of your weight lifting either.    You just don’t learn how to move your body more efficiently unless you are….well…..moving it!

My training sessions get each client to work harder each time.  We incorporate hard intervals in both ‘cardio’ type drills such as running, burpees, mountain climbers, tyre pulling or jump rope.  Different length intervals, different rest periods, different combinations.  It all stresses your body in different ways.

We also incorporate strength training, but not in the traditional manner.  Using kettle bells, dumb bells, suspension training, medicine balls, tyres, sand bags and most importantly our own bodyweight.  Counting reps or going for time.  Overloading one muscle group with different drills or alternating between entirely different movements –  it all adds up to more intensity and improving your overall fitness and therefore the results you will achieve.

Whether you are training with me or on your own, you need to make sure that at each training session you are working your hardest.  At each workout, make sure you do a bit more.  Whether it’s a heavier weight, more reps or a quicker time.  Always push hard.  It’s the only way to get great results especially if you have limited time to put towards your training, and who doesn’t?

You also need to think about what you are doing for the rest of the week.  Are you eating properly?  Have you scheduled in all your training sessions just like any other appointment that can’t easily be changed?  Who’s holding you accountable?  Anyone?  Or are you fooling yourself week after week?

Not everyone can join FitterFaster.  You have to be at the stage where you are willing to do what it takes.  I’ll hold you accountable.  You need to submit your training and nutrition diaries every week.  You need to come to training a minimum of 3 times per week and I encourage you to do Home Workouts in between especially if you are only coming 3 times.

You’ll have to work hard at training.  And by hard, I mean giving 100% at any given time.  There’s not much time for chatting-in fact if you’re chatting, you are most likely not giving your all.  This works!  Scroll down through the past blog posts and you’ll see the proof.

You’ll have to change how and what you eat.  I’ll give you all the information you need, but I’m not the food police.  You’ll have to make the right decisions yourself at home and at work.  Following the FitterFaster Results Blueprint will result in guaranteed fat loss.

You can start your FitterFaster journey from anywhere.  Don’t feel you have to ‘get fit’ first.  Most have started from the very beginning-from a largely sedentary lifestyle, consuming junk food and with little or no fitness at all.  All it takes is that first step.  The first step is the decision to do something about your health, fitness and/or weight.  The second step is picking up the phone, visiting the website and signing up, or just coming along and having a go first.

If you wait till Monday, or Spring, or next month, or till you’ve lost a little weight or you’re fitter or till after Grand Final, the wedding, Christmas or whatever else you’ve got coming up, you know you’ll never do it.   You’re just using these things as an excuse.  Do it now and think how far along you’ll be by the time you ‘planned’ on starting.

Results 100% guaranteed – what have you got to lose?

Go to and complete the ‘Try Bootcamp Free’ registration form on the Bootcamp page or email me direct to find out more.  What are you waiting for?



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