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Minimising the Damage

There s been a bit of talk lately about ‘pigging out,’ ‘bingeing’ and just generally being out of control with eating habits.

It would be such a shame to let this go on and go backwards when you’ve all made such a leap forwards lately with your results.  And this WILL HAPPEN.  It’s not a case of ‘there’s a risk you’ll put weight back on.’  It is a case of ‘YOU WILL PUT THE WEIGHT BACK ON!!!!’

You’ve most likely been here before.  Dropped some weight (although probably not anywhere near this amount) and then put it back on plus some.

Don’t let this happen again.  Spring and summer are just around the corner-only days away in fact.  You’ll soon be revealing those slimmer bodies in lighter, shorter clothing, so let’s get back under control.  Do not let the food control you!!

Back to Basics:

  • Eat a meal/snack every 2-3 hours.  I can’t stress enough how this will help.  If you know you’re due to eat again in only an hour or so, you may be able to ‘hang off.’  If you really don’t think you are able, have your meal/snack early.  Much better to tuck into some fruit and yoghurt (or whatever meal was planned) than do major damage with some kind of junk food.
  • Eat protein and fruit/salad/vegies at every meal/snack.  Don’t skimp and still be hungry. (be very careful of eating fruit on its own, always have protein with it-although, fruit on its own is still better than junk)
  • Keep the grain foods to a minimum.  Eating them causes cravings (whether you recognise them or not) for more sugary foods.  Contrary to popular comment, they do NOT fill you up for long.
  • Stop adding sugar to your tea and coffee.  It’s not just about the calories in the tiny spoonful.  It’s about the cascade of hormonal events that occur after you’ve consumed it.  Increasing inflammation in your body, cravings, insulin output and other fat storage hormones.  It also turns off the fat releasing hormones, so it makes if much harder to burn fat when you’ve consumed sugar.
  • Get rid of all the junk from your house/office/car/handbag/wherever you are keeping it.  And by junk, I mean not just obvious stuff like chocolate (no pineapple flavoured syrup doesn’t count as fruit!!!) and biscuits, but also other not so obvious junk like crackers, bread and bars of any description (protein, low carb, wholegrain, breakfast, meal replacement, snack, low GI or whatever)
  • Tell your loved ones to stop buying it.  If they cannot be convinced, at least ask them to respect your efforts to get and stay healthy and to not bring the food into your environment.  Let them have it at work, in the car, while out or wherever, but not while you’re there and not in your home.
  • Don’t reward yourself for training.  It’s easy to say to yourself “I trained really hard this morning, I deserve it,” or “I’ll work it off tonight.”  This just isn’t true.  As I said before, it’s about so much more than just the calories contained in the chosen snack.  YOU CANNOT OUT-TRAIN A BAD DIET-period!!!!

If you absolutely must have something, have it once and get rid of the rest.  If it’s already purchased, you’re not wasting money.  Whether you eat it or bin it, the money has still been handed over!!    Make sure that the rest of your day is perfect to minimise the damage.  But don’t do this often!!   If you want to continue losing bodyfat and then maintain the losses, you need to do better than this.

I’m going to make up some cards that you can place in a prominent place in your home or work place to gently remind others of your desire to improve your health.

These cards will ask if others if they could stop pressuring you to ‘try just one’ in order to make them feel better about their own bad food choices.  It’s your choice to make changes and you shouldn’t feel guilty because you do so.  You also shouldn’t be ridiculed or made fun of because you have decided to do something about your own health.

So make the right choices and don’t end up going back to where you came from.  Have a good hard think about how you felt about yourself before you lost all that bodyfat, and how great to feel now.    If you have just started your journey and haven’t lost much weight yet, think about how great you’ll feel and look when you do.  Remind yourself how it feels when you can’t wear the clothes you’d like to or when you are feeling lazy and unenergetic, how you’d love to have more get up and go.



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