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Operation Teamwork – Mission Two Teams

Mission Two begins on August 1st with the goal again being the first platoon to reach 2000 points.

There’s been a few changes to the points system, so read carefully:

  • 3 points per Bootcamp (see last point)
  • bonus 3 points if you attend more than 3 Bootcamps (ie. attend 5 BCs and earn 18 points for that week)
  • 2 points for the FitterFaster Home Workout of the week (you must do that week’s workout as emailed to earn the points-no making up your favourites)
  • 2 points for a 2 day Nutrition Diary submitted BEFORE midnight Saturday
  • 2 points for you weekly Training Diary submitted BEFORE midnight Saturday
  • 10 points awarded to each platoon member who participates in a Fit Girl/
    Fit Guy Challenge, a FitterFaster Duathlon or any other special opps challenge put forth by me
  • Please note you will not earn any Bootcamp points in weeks that you do not attend at least 3 Bootcamps.
  • Also note that if you do not submit your diaries ON TIME, I will deduct 2 points from your total for the week

As you can see, I’ve raised the rewards for Home Workouts and extra Bootcamp sessions as these are the things that are going to get you the best results in terms of better fitness and more fat loss.

Challenge points have also been raised because traditionally these events have raised camaraderie within barracks and also serve to boost each troopers’ moral leading to better compliance and efforts being made post challenge.

Diary keeping has also become more important as it’s a fantastic way of keeping yourself on track both in terms of training more often and eating the right foods at the right times.  If you do not submit your diaries on time, not only will you miss your Home Workout points, but you will miss your diary keeping points as well and have 2 points deducted from your weekly total.

You absolutely cannot out-train a bad diet!  Do not expect fantastic results if you do not eat healthy foods.


Mission: to be the first platoon to earn 2000 points

How: earn points for attending bootcamp, submitting nutrition and training diaries, doing extra home training and attending Fit Girl/Fit Guy Challenges, Duathlons and Team Challenge events.  Make sure your diaries are submitted by Saturday night to count towards your platoons’ total.

Tactics: encourage everyone on your team to earn extra points.  Bonus points are awarded for attending more than 3 Bootcamps in a week and for having the most team members at a weekend event.  Make sure everyone on your team is doing their bit to contribute, remind each other about diaries, upcoming events and about keeping their commitment to at least 3 Bootcamps each week.  Follow up with those that go AWOL

Rewards: Every trooper in the winning platoon that has contributed an average of 17 points for EVERY week of the challenge will earn a $50 voucher to spend at FitterFaster.  It’s easy to average 17 points – just attend Bootcamp 3 times a week, submit your diaries and do 2 home workouts.  Or, if you hate Home Workouts, attend Bootcamp 4 times and submit your diaries and you’ve just earn’t 19 points – easy!!

The second place platoon will earn a $20 voucher each and the third placed platoon a $10 voucher each.  All subject to each trooper earning an average of 17 points per week.

Length of Mission: this depends on how quickly you can get your team to accumulate the points.   Make sure you encourage each other.  Updates on the points tally will occur each Sunday and will be displayed on the Attendance Register.  Remember to submit both your diaries by midnight Saturday.  You can do this by email, handing it in at Bootcamp or better still, posting on the forum.  Failure to do this will result in your points not being tallied correctly.

New Recruits: New recruits at Bootcamp will be assigned to a platoon as soon as they have passed the one week cadet period.

Any questions?  Email: or ask me at training.

Platoon Members:

Each Platoon must choose a name before the commencement of the Operation.  The theme is Defense Forces.  Ideas and nominations for names are to be place here on the forum.

Platoon One




Cathy E







Wendy E


Platoon Two














Platoon Three


Cathy S



Sally G








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