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New Bootcamp Packages and Price List

Well done to everyone at Bootcamp over the past few weeks.  We’ve upped the intensity on select sessions (as if they weren’t already hard enough) and introduced some new drills to further challenge us.

A few times this week, we’ve trained indoors due to the weather and although it’s great for a change, I think most people prefer to train outdoors.  It’s certainly hotter inside which adds to the intensity on its own.  That and the fact that there’s no running means that everyone has to work hard the whole time.  There’s no jogging and taking your time to change over.  We are all there in full view, not hidden down the end in the dark taking ages to swap between drills.

Pyramid style workouts have also been a feature lately.  It takes a certain mental toughness to go longer and longer on each set and then when we repeat the pyramid in the same workout-well that’s toughness on a whole new level.

So again, well done to everyone for putting in an amazing effort.  The AMPED participants also deserve a special mention as they’ve been training a minimum of twice per day over the past few weeks with many days requiring a third training session as well.   Keep up the great work.

As from today, I’ve introduced some new Bootcamp Packages.  There are 2 ways to invest in Bootcamp now depending on your goals and the level of commitment you are willing to put in.

You decide your level of commitment and then choose your package accordingly.

There are 2 levels of commitment:

  1. Attend Bootcamp a minimum of 3 times per week
  2. Attend Bootcamp a minimum of 4 times per week

It’s your choice and there are 2 separate ranges of Bootcamp Packages.  Each has its own expiry period which will be strictly adhered to.  There are extra weeks already built in to accommodate those sessions you may miss due to sick kids, last minute call ins at work, etc.

Extensions will be assessed on an individual basis, but only due to illness of yourself, holidays (where obviously you can’t attend if you’re not here) or serious injury that cannot be accommodated at Bootcamp.  So don’t just assume from now on that you’ll get an automatic extension because you missed a few hours sleep one night and couldn’t get up, or because you had a bit of a tight ‘…..insert muscle…….’

Most injuries can be worked around at Bootcamp, so if in doubt, contact me before you miss sessions, not afterwards.   If possible, you still want to maintain your hard-earned fitness even when injured so that you are not continuously taking two steps forward and one step back.

It’s important for you to contact me if you miss Bootcamp so we can deal with it there and then.  Do not wait till you reach your expiry date and then refer back to ‘remember when…….’  Extensions will be made, if deemed necessary, at the time of the incident or reason for the extension.

I’ve put all the details of the new packages on the Price List page of

I’m still working on updating the Paypal buttons so if you want to renew at the old prices and expiry dates, you can do that till Thursday 22nd July.  That’s one week away.  You can purchase via Paypal on the ‘Buy Fitness Packages’ page at the old prices till then.

Alternatively, if you would like to invest in one of the new packages before then, please let me know and I can send you a Paypal invoice or you can pay at Bootcamp.

So go there now and check it out.



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